@tmobile STEALS with Data Roaming


    I have had the WORST experience with @tmobile, they are the most NEGLIGENT mobile communications provider with AWFUL customer service, they CHEAT and STEAL from loyal customers like me, I have been a @tmobile customer for many years with more than 10 lines with them but after what just happened I will make sure to transfer all of my services to @AT&T.


    @tmobile is charging me $2,839 USD for data roaming service in Lebanon that I never used. As soon as I arrived to Lebanon I received a notification that I had consumed $500 USD in Data Roaming but I had just landed so I called right away to cancel my roaming services and placed my phone in airplane mode for the remaining of my trip to avoid further charges.  After my call with @tmobile I received a text msg confirming that they were “addressing all my concerns” and they will not only cancel my roaming but they will take care of the $500 I had been charged, therefore, I was rest assured they where taking care of this issue. 


    To my surprise a month after, my wife goes to a T-mobile store to fix her phone and she is notified that we owe $2,839 so she can’t upgrade her phone. Ever since, we have been calling @tmobile in order to fix this issue and nobody gives us an answer, we haven't been able to talk to any manager and their agent’s response is that this issue was already escalated and unfortunately we need to pay the $2,839. This amount is absurd, bare in mind the phone was always in airplane mode at all times and I was there only from Sept 28th (Night) to Nov 4th (Morning), I have requested several times a copy of the bill statement that shows the exact consumption per day and they won't send it to me, I have also been trying to log into my account online to review the details and conveniently for them the website is always down.


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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: @tmobile STEALS with Data Roaming

        This isn't the best example of our customer service and I'm sorry we haven't helped you further with sorting out the charges. We'd need account access in order to figure out what happened. Have you tried giving our T-Force folks a shot through the social media channels on our Contact Us page? They can certainly take a look and assist further.