T-Mobile lied when they promised reimbursement


    I signed up with T-mobile and left Verizon.  I was promised money to help pay off remaining balance at previous carrier.  I was told I didn't have to do anything and that they had taken care of everything for me.  I never received anything.  I handed over a new Android phone to them and an iphone 6 plus.  I've spoken with so many people.  I'm sick of telling my story over and over and over, just to be told to call another number and tell them the story.   Nobody cares.  I've already signed up.    The woman at the call center that handles the reimbursements said that I may not get it now because they have taken too long to issue it tome.  Seriously???   They take too long so I don't get what I'm promised?   I've tried the conversation with the "live person" on the support sight.  I tell the guy "Charles" everything and he actually tries sell me more of T-Mobile's promises.  (If I add 2 lines, they will send me an apple watch or some crap).  Like I'd believe any of that.    I start a conversation asking for help because T-Mobile will not give me my promised money and he wants me to sign up for something else. ????   I went back to the store where I signed up and spoke with a salesperson.  She told me to go and email somebody and contact my previous carrier and do something and then send things here and there.   I was told when I signed up that they had taken care of everything and I needed to do nothing.    I called the store that I signed up in (Lake Worth, Tx) and spoke to the manager.  He wasn't as nice as he was when I signed up and told me it sounded like someone on the other end must have messed up because his employees didn't make mistakes, ever.  He said he would look into this for me and get back to me.  Its been weeks and I'm sill waiting.   Has anyone else had issues like this?   If so, is there anything I can do to get them to stand behind what they promised?   What about small claims court?  I know its not a lot of money but its the principle of the matter.  If I owed them a few hundred dollars or even if I owed them a dollar, they would demand it before i received anymore service.  This is not right.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey gwsessions 


        I am so sorry that you have gotten off to a rocky start with us! We know that our #GetOutOfTheRed and Carrier Freedom promotions play a major factor in your decision to switch to us and we truly do want to ensure you are receiving the benefits/rebates of these offers. Unfortunately, here on a public user community, we are unable to see your account to see what specifically happened here. I would suggest that if you have not heard back from the store manager that you use the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature to message our T-Force team. They will be able to securely verify your account and do a full audit as to what happened and determine the next best steps.  

        • magenta6932644

          Thanks for sharing, as a new T-mobile customer after leaving AT&T this does not give me confidence I made the right choice.  I just had to deal with an issue myself.  Appears as though the sales associate at T-mobile neglected to explain the fine print  when signing me up.  Like I have to pay for my free 3rd line for two months and the free Iphone XR for two months before I will get a credit.  Also that the $30 dollar a month unlimited talk, text and data is only on the less fancier plans and that you have to have 4 lines to get that promotion.  Nope they let me leave the store having no idea at all what the plan actually entailed even though I asked numerous times.  If I were you I would not go into the T-Mobile store in the Galleria Mall in Roseville CA, they only care about making sales.