Good bye T-mobile


    Thanks for not letting loyal customers get a better deal. Called 4 times asking if I can get a promotion deal. they basically told me you are better off switching to different network. HAs any one switched to different network, I am on military one plan. I had 5 lines, one left as t mobile did not give him current promotion. I am planning to take other 4 lines elsewhere. Fellow community member guide me through.,




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      • gramps28

        Re: Good bye T-mobile

        Good luck going elsewhere.


        I don't work for Tmobile but you have a promotional military rate and now you want better deals

        on phones. There are deals out there on phones but it seems like every one expects a BOGO iPhone or top of the line Samsung

        without adding a line.


        I got a BOGO LG V30 offer without having to add a line with the 55+ plan.

        • snn555

          Re: Good bye T-mobile

          Chances are you won't find anybody here on a t-mobile customer community page that has switched to another carrier from T-Mobile.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Good bye T-mobile

            Sorry to hear we didn't have another promo we could offer. The Military promo is a pretty good deal on it's own. What was the promo you were trying to get for the other line? Did you get any info as to why it wasn't available for you?

              • syaoran

                Re: Good bye T-mobile

                Most companies are too worried about acquiring new customers to care much about their current customers.  T-Mobile should try a little harder to keep its current customers happy with promotions like, $100 the cost of a new device to any existing customer or throw in some free accessories, as a couple of suggestions.  Something for an incentive is better than nothing.  Especially when nothing forces those customers to look to other carriers for those incentives that T-Mobile should be rewarding its loyal customers with.