BOGO for S9 from July 2018


    I was sucked in to the S9 BOGO offer when I went to upgrade my phone in July 2018.  I did not even need a second phone but the nice college aged salesman was persistent that it was Free.  He suggested that it would be a good idea to get it instead of the warranty.  When my bill did not show the correct amount I called and offered to return the phone but I was assured that it just took a little time for the BOGO offer to take effect.   I wanted to confirm that I infact qualified for the BOGO as the store salesman had stated. The nice lady on the phone (Taylor) confirmed that I did qualify and at my request, she even emailed me a document on August 18th that showed that I did qualify. If not, I was ready to return the second phone.


    As the bill continued to not show the BOGO benefit, I called 4 different times and again talked to very nice customer service people (Taylor, Gabby, Jose, Steward).. They were all great and on the first three calls they all assured that the BOGO would soon activate – no reason to be concerned.  And they refunded me the $30 extra that they were charging every month.   It seemed like I should not have to waste my time with this, but they were being professional, and refunding my money.


    But on the last time I called (11/16/2018), I got new information…. My phone plan may not qualify for the BOGO.  What?  how can this be?  I was sold the BOGO by T-mobile and then had it confirmed by 3 additional T-mobile employees. I provided the information above and the man was again very nice but I ran out of time and he told me he would do some more checking.


    I like T-mobile and would like to stay a Customer.  But they need to either honor the deal they sold me or let me out of the deal (I really don't even need the extra phone.)  To help make T-mobile better and to let others be aware of this issue, I have spent the time to type up my story. 



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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: BOGO for S9 from July 2018

        Hi, magenta6890554 and welcome to our Support Community!


        We'd love for you to remain a T-Mobile customer while also getting the BOGO you were promised (and confirmed multiple times). We most definitely need to get this straightened out because the ball was dropped somewhere and it shouldn't be on you. We don't have access to customer accounts on our Support Community, however, my recommendation would be to work with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter. They're a branch of our Customer Care team that are fully equipped to handle promo situations such as yours. Can you give that a shot and keep me updated on how it goes?

        • catsinjammies

          Re: BOGO for S9 from July 2018

          This past July, I changed services, being that I qualified for the 55 Unlimited plan. At the time I was offered the BOGO, but I'm by myself and the deal was for two activated lines. The rep at the store told me, not to worry, that T-Mo would be offering a Buy One - Gift One, come the Holidays, just like last year, without a requirement to add an additional line, and I could take advantage of that, by getting a new phone and getting someone a gifted phone. Well... Here it is, the Holidays, and no such deal!!! Very disappointed T-Mo didn't have a Galaxy Phone deal for a new senior customer. I feel lied to, really...

          • magenta6890554

            Re: BOGO for S9 from July 2018

            In response to the recommendation to use Facebook or twitter, I would rather not go that rout.  I'm not a regular Facebook user and I don't want to start yet another treasure hunt to resolve this problem. I have documented what was promised by T-Mobile and I have called more than 5 times.  All I am trying to do now is to either get the issue resolved or at least share my story with anyone else who may be considering becoming a T-mobile Customer.   I have shared the details above with a consumer advocacy group and I will continue to do so and work in whatever way I can to inform others and warn them of this bad experience.