TMobile throttles (180kbytes per sec) Netflix and Amazon video downloads to smartphone


    After many fruitless hours with both TMobile customer service and tech support with no resolution to this 180 kbyte per second tmobile throttling ONLY during Netflix or Amazon movie downloading to phone,


    I discovered that 180kByte per second video streaming speed throttling is also enforced during movie downloading to phone.  It can be eliminated ONLY by enabling hd video option in account profile!  PAID one plus add on REQUIRED to enable hd video option.


    Thus, despite 55+ plan clearly stating it includes unlimited HIGH SPEED 4G LTE data on smartphone, non-hd 180kBps video streaming throttling speed is ALSO applied to movie downloading via Netflix or Amazon prime apps on my note 4!


    I really hope my 2 open tickets with tech support provide a fix for this soon.


    Hope this helps clarify this long standing issue.

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