unable to make payment


    Be trying to make a payment and keep receiving Unknown Error, cant process request check card information or try again, on website and tmobile app

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: unable to make payment

        Hey, magenta6896581!


        I'm sorry you weren't able to process a payment over the weekend. Are you still receiving an error when trying to make a payment or were you able to get it processed? If you're still getting the Unknown Error, I recommend giving us a call at 611 to not only get the payment processed but to also have a ticket filed with our web team.

        • tdawg1553

          Re: unable to make payment

          Wed Nov 28th 2018 3:48pm. Similar Problem here today been trying to pay my Prepaid minutes account, keep getting "Unable to Access account at this time, Try again later" message. I even re-verified my payment method which was accepted by tmobile. That made no difference. I will try contacting Tmobile via phone call as I need to get this paid today or I lose previously unused minutes.

          Message to TMobile: Go outside of your facility and log in from an external location  and try to pay an account. Then you will experience the problem. You may not experience the problem if your logging in from an internal Tmobile terminal.