Trade in Issue


    I was at the store yesterday and was planning to jump in the t mobile wagon from att. Wanted to trade in my s6 and get an oneplus 6t using the device on us offer that is going on now. But unfortunately tmobiles system recognised my device imei as a note 4 and the rep said he cannot do anything about it and I came back empty handed. It was clearly their system at fault, but I am not sure how to proceed further. Any suggestions is appreciated..

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Trade in Issue

        When something gets entered into the computer wrong it's very hard to get it corrected. Just to be sure. The internal IMEI is the same as the IMEI printed on the phone in very tiny numbers? There's no mix up on the tag? Do you have the original box? Contact T-Force on social media, might be the best suggestion.


        Just so you know, the T-Mobile 6T is a bit controversial.  They seem to have really crippled the version they sell vs the regular 6T.

        • sivakarthik06

          Re: Trade in Issue

          I do not see the imei printed on the phone. The store representative tried both the imei and the other tag, both came out as note 4. I do not have the original box.

          When I tried the phone imei in imei checker in swappa it gave me a few possibilities and s6 was one of them. I think its just the tmobil db that needs updated.

          Thanks for your suggestion, I will contact TForce right away.

          I was not aware that the t mobile version of oneplus was any different than the regular one, pls enlighten me regarding the difference?