error message when trying to pay bill online App/site.


    I have been trying to pay my bill everyday this past week (from 11/19/18-11/22/18) and I keep getting an Error message.  I got the same message when I tried to pay using the website and using the phone app!  I even tried to change payment method to my bank account and kept getting the same error message.

    It was not the invalid card message that I got a year ago -- it was an error that said something along the lines of "try again later".


    Anyway, I got hit today with re-connection fees due to this error!  And, I tried to pay my bill everyday this week!  The customer rep this morning said that they could not waive the re-connection fees because they were previously waived last year when I had the "invalid card" issue which was also T-mobile's fault!


    I am a Full-Stack Web Developer so it is not an issue on my side!  The problem was on t-mobile's side both times (last year and this week).  I have lodged a complaint email to a -- is there anyone else I can complain to!  It is not right that I have gotten charged these fees due to T-mobile's issues last year and this week!  (The rep I spoke to said that because they were waived last year during the invalid card issue -- which was caused by t-mobile tranposing the last two numbers of my debit card and then comparing the card I was trying to input with that faulty number and saying my card was invalid!  The rep said you can only have fees waived once in the lifetime of the account!  Well, that was a problem caused by t-mobile last time, so that should NOT count against me now!)


    In looking online, it appears other people had issues paying this past week as well.  AND, it looks like you guys pushed a major upgrade to your phone app this week.  I suspect this might have caused the issue of how I was not able to pay everyday this week!


    Anyway, if anyone else got an error message during payment, please reply here.  Also, if you work for t-mobile, can you please check into this issue and see if I can get these reconnection fees waived.  I tried every day to pay this bill -- even my fellow devs at work know about it because I discussed this issue with them on Tuesday at work!


    Please look into this.


    Thank you,


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