Brought over an iPhone 7 from Verizon to Tmobile - Wont work!


    Last week I had converted my fiance from Verizon to T-mobile and added him on my plan. He brought over his own iPhone 7 unlocked and paid in full from Verizon. The gentlemen who helped us at the Ansonia CT retail store said it would be compatible on T-mobile (after they tried selling us on new phones and adding a third line), which I ended up adding the third line. When it came time to putting the sim card into his iPhone a messaged popped up on the screen saying "Please contact your carrier" and there was no service. The gentlemen tried different sim cards and tested out the sim card he was given on other phones, it wasn't the sim card. The gentlemen shortly gave up and sent us across the street to Verizon to have them "unlock the phone" (which we already knew it was unlocked). The tech at the Verizon retail store just told us to call the customer service department because they would be able to fix it.

         We called Verizon spent hours trouble shooting with them on the phone, nothing worked. We also spoke to supervisors and no one seemed to know why the phone wasn't working when it was unlocked. Some Verizon techs told us that the iPhone 7 is only compatible with Verizon and Sprint carriers, other techs told us the phone was reported stolen. We ended up getting super frustrated and I ended up calling T-Mobile to see if they could help in any way.

         T-Mobile sent me over to a tech who tried the same trouble shooting techniques Verizon did but we were patient and went along with it (nothing worked). We then ended up having a 3 way conference call with T-Mobile and Verizon tech support none of which solved the problem. T-Mobile had finally added Apple to the conference call which we ended up setting up an appointment with Apple for the following day to replace the defective phone.

         What Apple failed to explain to me on the phone was that it would cost us $419.00 to replace an iPhone 7?!?!?!  So we wasted all day at Apple to be turned away. I drove over to a different T-Mobile (Milford, CT) right after to see what they can do, the employees there told me it was Verizon's problem. Shortly after that my fiance gave Verizon a call back and fought with a supervisor who told us "it was now T-Mobile's issue..." and hung up on him.

         I then called T-Mobile with some faith that I would get a tech on the line that could solve this week long issue. I spoke to Mika who told me I was a day early on setting up 2 new lines because I missed out on a the new offer going on now that give you $750.00 towards a new phone when you set up a new line... He had told me the T-Mobile employees should of told me to come back the following day so that I could get this promotion and should go explain that to the employees at the store, "they should be able to help". I was excited and relieved that I have finally solved my problem! Little did I know I looked like a fool when the Ansonia, CT techs told me they cant help me because I would need to add a fourth line and they dont know about any future promos until the morning of. They then offered me the zero down and monthly installments for the newer iPhone models which I kept explaining I wasn't interested in. So, they told me to go back across the street to switch over to Verizon and they would cancel my lines for free???!!! (terrible customer service, for a client who's been loyal to a company for over 5 years)

         Its been over 1 week that my fiance doesn't have a working phone, Im sure I will be billed for his line in December, which he hasn't been able to use his phone anyway and no one seems to be able to know the problem or offer to help.

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