Where's the T-Mobile Black Friday deal for LONG-TIME customers who ALREADY have plenty of lines??!!!


    Why do you think T-Mobile no longer has ANY good deals for their long-time customers who already have ENOUGH lines, like we have 4 lines, plus a line for the sync-up? Who needs to add FOUR MORE LINES to get a crappy deal???!!! I'm switching to Sprint who will allow me to get 4 Galaxy S9s [you can get many more than 4 on this deal, btw] for $5/month "lease" for 18 months = $90. After the 18 month lease, you can buy the phone outright for a mere $198, totaling $288!!! Plus, you DON'T even have to trade in ANY device, you can KEEP your current phone!! Plus, their rate plans are  quite comparable to T-Mobile's best. In fact, we have the military discount with T-Mobile which is EXCELLENT, but Sprint ALSO has a military discount which makes their costs just about the same.  And Sprint has some excellent user-friendly differences. You can get a different rate plan on EACH line and save a ton of money. For example, the military rate plan for 4 lines of unlimited data service is $100/mo. But you can add the "Plus" plan that gives you 50 gb of hotspot/month for $10 per line more. So, if you only need that on ONE line, you can add it to one phone/line for a mere $10 more a month!!! We need to use that on 2 lines, so we'll have to pay $20 more per month, but THIS is incredibly user friendly for Sprint. No Netflix or T-Mobile Tuesdays, though, but they have a Hulu deal that I'm not quite sure of, and some other bonuses, although not that exciting to me. So after SEVEN+ years with T-Mobile, they have lost me as a customer. Btw, Sprint also has one higher level service plan called "Premium" for $30 more per line above basic, but, again, you can add this only to ONE, so some may like this. It has some potentially attractive features to some people.

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