Not Receiving calls and delayed text messages


    Same exact problem as this thread: Not Receiving calls and delayed text messages


    Started happening 6 months ago. I've tried everything on my phone.  Phone model is: S7 Edge (SM-G935F)


    Why was the other thread locked? So many are having same exact issues.


    The solution provided does not help at all.


    Randomly I will not receive calls when I have full bars. It doesn't show up as a missed call or anything. The person will message me on another messenger and when I call them back I usually get a bunch of text messages time-stamped from the past hour that I have also missed.


    I will also randomly receive voicemails with no missed calls indicating that again, I've missed a call but it does not show up in my notifications .


    I've tried all the resetting everything on my phone, I've disabled wifi calling and volte but the problem persists. Has anyone experienced this and had it fixed?

      • tmo_chris

        Re: Not Receiving calls and delayed text messages

        Hey ref1c 


        These sort of issues are almost always network related. This behavior usually means the phone has a loss of signal for a period of time and calls will not come in and text messages will show up in floods. Have you noticed that this happens more often when you are in a specific area?

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Not Receiving calls and delayed text messages

          Did you still need help getting this resolved? If so, please let us know if this is happening somewhere specific as this could change how we'd need to troubleshoot this.

          • ref1c

            Re: Not Receiving calls and delayed text messages

            Hello, thanks for getting back to me. No, this is not area related. It happens at work. It happens at home. I am in Phoenix, Arizona. However, this happens to my mom as well, and she is all the way in Hawaii.


            Yes, I can agree with phone having a loss of signal, however, the phone always says it has signal. It always has bars.


            My issue is EXACTLY same as the person that started the other closed thread.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Not Receiving calls and delayed text messages

                Thanks for clarifying. If this is intermittent, I do not believe it to be a device issue. The randomness of it suggests signal fluctuation as signal is not always consistent. The best way to address this issue would be with our over the phone team of experts folks who will be able to collect specific examples from you and open an engineering service ticket.

              • 1moretime

                Re: Not Receiving calls and delayed text messages

                I am having the same issues! I have contacted tech. support via phone , with no good results. Matter of fact, after 4 different times of calling , and having to repeat the same things over and over to "allow them (that tech support person) to TRY and fix the issue" I talked to a tech support person that after about an hour on phone believed we had fixed the issue and said he would call me the following day to verify the fix. When he called, he got the VM , left message that he would try again later, and never heard back from him. I Have a moto g4 plus with android 7.0 Phone always shows at least 2 bars for signal. It does not matter where I am when this happens. I live in Albuquerque NM and drive all over town for my work. There are several times a day my dispatcher tries to call me and the call goes straight to voicemail, with NO notification of the call, NO notification of VM, Nothing! I have recently opened up a new business and who knows what calls I have missed! I have had to put a greeting stating "I am having difficulties with my phone lines and to please leave a message". This does not look good for my business! maybe I should include the fact that my phone lines are through T-Mobile in my greeting. This has been going on for a couple of months now , so frustrating!