GigSky eSIM + T-mobile WiFi calling on XS not working


    I've gone overseas a ton with my regular TMobile plan and found even the OnePlus speeds pathetically slow. I know there's a high speed international data pass daily option but that's a huge pain the you know what to do on a daily basis. So I bought a GigSky data-only eSIM for my Iphone XS, and I have my T-mobile physical SIM in the phone. All is well in terms of regular voice calls and high speed data via GigSky. However, what's not working is Wifi calling when I'm connected to my hotel's wifi network. I just see "T-mobile" and "GigSky" as my carriers and not "T-Mobile wifi" like I normally would when connected to a hotspot. I've made a few calls to the US, and verified with Tmobile they are being charged at international rates and haven't gone over wifi.


    I double checked that under the TMobile carrier settings that I have "wi-fi calling" enabled, like I always have. Any ideas on how to get Wifi calls working with a dual SIM configuration on an iPhone XS? Is this a teething issue with iOS 12.1, or just a 'won't work' situation?


    Interestingly I temporarily disabled the eSIM, went on WiFi, and the "T-mobile wi-fi" calling still hasn't kicked in. I don't know if that's due to the eSIM issue or there's a hotel network issue preventing W-Fi calling. Wifi calling from my house in the US was definitely working when I had the Gigsky eSIM in a disabled state.

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      • gjw123

        With the XS iPhones, it never shows wifi calling.  To see if wifi calling is working, "pull down" the top right (where the battery and signal displays are down - and then look at the top left of the screen and look for wifi calling.

          • photo85

            So I discovered the issue. My hotel was causing some type of network issue that was preventing WiF calling from working. WiFi calling works literally at all other WiFi hotspots I tried in London. I called TMobile and they confirmed that at my hotel all calls were NOT using WiFi and were being charged at international rates.


            So the good news is that third-party eSIM + TMobile physical SIM + WiFi calling does work, if the WiFi network doesn't block VoIP.

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