Oreo upgrade = fast battery drain (LG V20)


    Since the recent upgrade to Oreo, the battery on my LG V20 has run out of juice much quicker. A full charge, which used to last until late evening, is now down to 20% or less by early afternoon. I have not changed settings, and to my knowledge, only my weather app updates in the background.


    Is there any fix for this?



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      • snn555

        Typically it will just take time for the battery to be relearned by the system and which apps are using power and when and it will adjust. I've had seemingly fast battery drain on every device after a major OS update. all of my devices running 9.0 we're like that for the first couple of days. I have other devices that are on 8.1 that have the same problem but correct itself over time.


        of course I always factory reset and start fresh after a major update and those problems are usually avoided by doing so. But if all you're doing is updating and not completely starting over again it'll just take some time.

          • magenta6876194

            Re: Oreo upgrade = fast battery drain (LG V20)

            Thanks for the reply -- especially appreciated on the holiday. I'll give it a little longer.


            Regarding factory reset, wouldn't that go back to Android 7 (as came from the factory)?  Anyway, the upgrade did a reset of some kind -- everything was gone from the screen, and I had to add it all back again.


            I read elsewhere that clearing the cached data area could help, and I did that.  Too soon to tell if drain is improving.


            Thanks again!