Files not sent from my LG Aristo via Bluetooth to Desktop PC or Printer


    Hi there: I'm having problems trying to share files from my LG Aristo with my Desktop PC or my Brother Bluetooth printer. All devices are visible to each other and properly connected together. Every time I try to share (send) a file to desktop or print a file (Brother Printer APP is properly set up) , the phone returns the message "File was not sent" . Any help is gratefully appreciated in advance.

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      • snn555

        plain and simple Bluetooth between a phone and a PC doesn't matter if it's a budget phone or a flagship phone rarely works at least ever for me. Bluetooth on Windows 10 with the latest update is still pretty hokey.  I save or send a file from a phone to Google drive and it syncs with the app on the desktop and then I can print it from there as far as printing from the phone I use a Google print which seems to work fairly well versus an app for the printer.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          I haven't used that app before, but I've tried printing via Bluetooth and haven't been able to find a commonality with why it fails. You can always try sending it to other devices like phones to see if that works. I agree that using Google Drive is a much easier solution and syncs very quickly. You should give that a shot as workaround.