Can’t get verification code sent to inactive plan number


    Ok. I’m about at my wits end with telephone support so I’m trying here.


    I have have an iPad Air 2 with a T-Mobile capable sim and have used it on T-Mobile in the past. However I only buy a pay as you go plan when I go on a trip or take my iPad somewhere I know I won’t have WiFi. It’s been over a year since I last did and there is no active plan currently on my iPad. I have no other T-Mobile devices.


    Today I wanted to purchase a plan for the next month and saw the 5GB for 5 Month offer and figured that would suit me. I logged in and then was told a verification code would be texted to a number. That number (the last 4 digits at least) was my iPad number which, of course, has no plan attached currently.


    I tried support by phone and they went in circles, at one point asking me if I could make calls on my iPad. No matter what they couldn’t help (very frustrating, I don’t believe the initial support of the level escalated to even knew what an iPad was). Then they said they would delete my account so I could start over. I can’t make a new account because when I do it says the account still exists! So they didn’t delete it.


    So so does anyone know how I add a new plan or receive the verification code that is being sent to the inactive plan on my iPad? This is maddening. I’m really regretting the choice of T-Mobile.



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      • tmo_mike_c

        We totally wanna get you the help you need so my apologies this wasn't done over the phone. Just so I'm clear, did you already have a prepaid plan that you hadn't used for a year? If so, it's likely that plan canceled and you'll have to start a new account. We can't see your account here on support, but I'm just asking as this might be what's going on.

          • butterjug2000

            Thanks for the response. I tried to make a new account, but it told me my email was already assigned to an account. In fact I had to use my throw-away email address to sign up for this support forum and choose a different username than my usual username as that was in use (probably by my other account) too.


            During the circular support call, the representative told me he deleted my account so I could make a new one (yes he verified the email address on the account he was deleting), but I still get the same response that my email is in use. Also, it asks for my phone number to text authorization to but, of course there is no plan on that device active. The worst was when the T-Mobile agent asked me to try to make a phone call on my iPad using Safari. Yes, really.


            Sorry, I'm trying not to be snarky here, but this really rates as one of the most moronic customer support experiences I have ever had. The SIM in that iPad is the generic Apple SIM, so I do have the option of selecting from a choice of other carriers. On the surface, T-Mobile has the most appropriate plan for my use case, but it doesn't look like that is an option.


            To add insult to injury, if you request a password reset link in email, it takes you to the reset page, you enter your password twice, submit and it throws a 401. Nice T-Mobile. At least the password change actually takes. There is some serious incompetence in this organization IMHO.