T Mobile lies about Promotions, 2018 Apple Trade In


    I trade in 3 iphone 6s and i iphone 7 for 4 iphone 8, under the assumption that I would receive $300 for the Iphone 7 and $200 for each iphone 6s.

    The phones I traded I no longer owed on any of them, they were paid off and the only reason I traded them in was because of the promotion, knowing I would receive a virtual mastercard for the amounts shown above. This all happen 10/02/2018, its been close to 8 weeks and I have been checking the promotions status page and today I see in the results that it has been denied due to that my account is delinquent status. I know my account is not delinquent and I always have make a payment arrangement when I don't have enough to pay. But my account is not in delinquent status. I feel T Mobile does false advertisement and lies to its customers. I would have never got into getting newer phones if I knew I would have to pay for them completely. I have no problem returning all 4 iphone 8 and getting my old phones back because I owed nothing on them and now I'm gonna be paying $175 of equipment fees for these new phones.

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