why doesn't the my.tmobile site ever work?


    I have had blank screens on every part of the my.tmobile site for months! I don't even remember what it looks like because every time I log on, if I can even log on, all I get is this:

    tmobile-admin tmo_dominic and literally anybody else....what the crap man? I love T-Mobile but its hard to defend this nonsense. Anyone working on this over there? Hire me, damn, I'll devote some time to it.

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      • dc5fan

        Re: why doesn't the my.tmobile site ever work?

        What plan do you have? If it's prepaid, which I have, the T-Mobile is no longer available. If it's a post-paid account I don't know what to advise you. I would suggest 611 (Customer Service) or T-Force. I have read that some have uninstalled the app and did a reinstall. About 3 weeks ago I had the app, and it worked perfectly. Someone must have made a decision to remove it from prepaid. The my T-Mobile site works for me, so far.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: why doesn't the my.tmobile site ever work?

          Hey, randyrar!


          This is a new one for me. I remember seeing an issue posted internally that discussed this but that was a few months ago and it has since been resolved. Have you talked to your TEX (Team of Experts) yet? If not, we need to get this put on our Engineer's radar as this may or may not be a one-off situation. You can get in touch with them by dialing 611 or you can work with T-Force via Facebook / Twitter - whichever is most convenient. 

          • tjd007

            Re: why doesn't the my.tmobile site ever work?

            You're not alone. I have a post-paid account, and cannot access any account details or billing, I can only log in. It's been like this for months. Today it actually has a new twist, instead of telling my it's having troubles loading the requested info, it just redirects me right back to the log-in screen with no error reports.