Filing complaint and want to switch back to Verizon-Veteran Customer


    So switched to Tmobile  in August so my family and I could save a little on our phone bill and had some dropped calls in cities from Verizon. Went into the store and was told that we could get up to $650 back per line if we switched to mobile with get out of the red. My husband would get about $250 back for iphone  7 but since I had an iPhone 10, in order for me to get up to $650 I had to trade my phone in so I got me the iPhone 8. So to my understanding, we were supposed to get about $900($650 for my phone and $256 for husband) but only got about $300 back on MasterCard which took about 2 months for customer service to process. They said that they applied the $650 credit to the phone bill over a course of 2/12 months.


    So my question is what happened to the $580 for the value of the iPhone 10? I called customer service and they told me that since I traded my phone in, I was under the carrier freedom promo so pretty much the value of the $580 is wiped out. They gave me $70 in master card credit to help pay for my 1,000 + verizon like thanks! that helped out a lot. I went back to the store cuz I felt like there was a misunderstanding. The manger informed me that the "$650" was applied to my bills and I wasn't going to get the full $900 that he initially said when I went into the store in August. Also that the iPhone 10 was not part of the "get out of red" promo....only to go online and be told by multiple customer service reps that iPhone 10 was part of the get out of the red. I am stuck with a $700 phone bill from verizon, an unhappy customer, with a phone that I don't even like.. On top of that any business phone call meetings I have to pay for. I had no idea that would be charged til I made my business phone call a couple days after switching. I called the manager back and that didn't seem to be a big deal. I also made a call to United Kingdom which no one answered so that was a short minute call only to be charged $40 cuz supposedly I was on the phone for 13 minutes. Ohh by the way United Kingdom calls are $3 a minute and business conference calls are 1 cent a minute.


    I have spoke to multiple customer service reps on the phone. Some try to help you fight it and some just don't seem to care at all. So if you think that this is a good idea, its not. I get so many dropped calls and worse than verizon. I get service out on the lake with verizon if I go out to the street but with t-mobile I have to drive 15 miles out til I can get good service. The hot spot feature is pretty cool if it actually worked but it doesn't.



    I think there was actually one good customer service rep that I spoke to. When I told her I traded my iPhone 10 cuz I was told to in order for the promo to work, she gasped and told me that I was mis informed and that I needed to go back to the store and speak to the manager and get him to reach out to a regional manager.


    Switching back to verizon once things get situated with this issue. Not happy one bit.

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      • magenta6624185

        It sucks right?! I had the same issue when I switched with them last month from ATT with my iPhone X that I purchased in January. The information given to me was they will pay off whatever balance I have with ATT, and a reimbursement of $650 will arrive in a couple of weeks. So I said "WOW" good deal - I get to get an Xs iPhone - its worth it since the financing will be with TMOBILE now. They switched and put me in that same plan w/ the military discount. Knowing that I still have a balance off $699 from ATT, I made an arrangement but when the reimbursement came it was only $215. I was so pissed I called and raised hell because it made you feel that it was my fault that I misunderstood the program.

        I said NO! The reps provided wrong information, and now I'm stuck with $699 bill from ATT, and they can't do anything about - just sorry and they will do better .. blah blah blah! I also said, why would I want to switch if knew I would have to pay a deposit or that they will take a portion of that $650. My iPhone X was pretty much new, and I don't have an issue with it. Now I'm stuck with the $699 bill which I have no idea how I will pay  ATT and the thought that they got my iPhone X for free. Maybe I would even consider the switch if they told me upfront about all the bogus charges and information. Seriously speaking I thought it was just me who made this mistake but after looking around in this chat room, I saw a lot of customers complaining and had the same experience we've been through. Now I know it was just me and it was not my fault! I hope the CEO or whoever is in the top take a look at their unhappy customers because one of these days they might see themselves in court. There should be some accountability for giving false information or lying! **Don't get me wrong yes they have cheaper deals compare to other carriers but do they have to lie to get you to switch? Heartless!

        • tmo_chris

          Hey malyn23. Thanks for taking the time to post to our community. I am very sorry that your experience with us has started off so rough! The iPhone X is definitely eligible for GetOutOfTheRed. What actually happened here sounds like you traded in the device and they gave you the phones value toward your iPhone 8 purchase or toward the account and the rest was sent on the master card.


          We are unfortunately unable to see the details of your account here on a public community forum, but I think it would be worth it for you to speak with our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter. If you have one of those social accounts, you can use the links in my signature to message them. They will be able to look at your trade in and determine what happened specifically and see what the next steps would be to rectify this.


          As for calling overseas, we do have a feature that you can add to your line called stateside international which would give you unlimited mobile-mobile and mobile-landline calls to the UK.  I think this would be a very beneficial feature for you if you are doing a lot of calls to the UK every month.


          For the coverage issues, what is your specific zip code where you are located. I would like to take a closer look at the signal we have there. Driving 15 miles to get signal is definitely not ideal.



          magenta6624185  I sincerely apologize that the promotion was not better explained to you. Carrier freedom is supposed to make it easy for folks to switch to us, not leave them feeling cheated. What it sounds like happened in your case was that you traded in your phone and you got a trade-in credit applied to your new device purchase bringing the total cost of that device down and the rest was sent to you in a prepaid card. Since you still owed money on that phone, you did not fully own it and we gave you the money to pay it off but as a trade-in credit toward the phone you purchased with us. Since the trade-in value was less than $650, we sent you the rest in a prepaid mastercard so your total reimbursement would equal what you owed on that phone (up to 650$). Since we are only reimbursing you for how much you owe on the phone with your previous carrier, we will not give you both the trade-in value and a master card for the total amount you owe on the phone as that would be more than what you owed on the phone.

            • malyn23

              The manager I spoke to said that the iPhone 10 was not part of the deal and he took the $650 that was supposed to go to the MasterCard and applied it towards the T-Mobile bill. I got the iPhone 8 thinking that the value of the iPhone X would go towards paying most of it off and the $650 was to go Verizon since I still owed $700ish on the iPhone 10.


              My name is Maria Checchin and if you want to look up my account you can. Zip code is 37918.


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                • tmo_chris

                  Thanks for getting back with me! For the coverage, it looks pretty good in that zip but I do see an area that is not so good.  Can you get me your cross streets so I can look a little closer.


                  As for the issue with your iPhone trade in. We cannot see the specifics of your account here on this forum. I cannot make any promises but I would highly recommend that you reach out to our T-Force folks as I mention in the post above.

              • magenta7245510

                This DOES seem to be a repeating problem.  I went into the store just before Christmas and was told we would get $750 trade-in credit on one of our 4 phones.  Since we didn't have all four phones with us, we asked if there was an expiration date on the offer.  We were told that it had just started, and returning in a few days would not be a problem.  Needless to say, when we called back today to make the switch we were told the offer had "expired", but they would grudgingly give us half the credit if we rushed in today. No thanks.  I think we dodged a bullet, if this is the way this company provides service.