Magenta Friday Deals confusion


    OKay so the current deal is trade in an eligible phone when you add another line and get a phone for fee i.e. Iphone XR, S9 etc. or get up to $750 dollars towards another phone. I chatted with a rep and asked about the possibility of a down payment if I do the above. They confirmed that there is a down payment you need to pay for example the iPhone XR I would need to pay $384 down payment and then the $750 will be credited to my account on a monthly basis (i get this part). But now do I get my $384 down payment back? Because if I dont that means that iPhone XR that was “free”/$750 now turned into $1134. Can someone explain please because I’m not understanding how this works out to be “free”.

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      • helreidh

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        Not sure about what the CSR told you but the only deal I see right now is where you trade in an old phone, open an additional line on your plan, then pay full price (plus tax) for the phone. Then they reimburse you up to $750 in monthly credits over 36 months. So it's "free" in the sense that you pay them $750 for a phone, and then they give you the $750 back over time. Beggars can't be choosers, right?


        Link for reference:

        T-Mobile Black Friday deal starts Nov. 16, includes free iPhones, LG and Samsung Galaxy phones - CNET

        • koroshika

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          If you selected the 64gb model, you would provide $0 dollars down for the cost of the phone but would have to pay for the taxes on $750 up front. T-mobile would then apply an account credit of $20.84 to your bill each month for 36 months which would essentially cover the financing cost of the phone each month. If you decided to step up to either the 128gb or 256gb version of the phone, you would pay the difference in cost up front plus taxes on the total cost of the phone (For example, if you wanted the 128gb you would pay $49.99 plus taxes on the retail value of $799.99, 256gb would be $149.99 plus the taxes on the retail value of $899.99. So if taxes in your area was 8%, you would pay $113.98 for 128gb version and $221.98 for 256gb version upfront. The tax cost would vary based on your area). On your monthly bill you would see a charge for $20.84 for the cost of the phone financed for $36 months, then see a credit line for $20.84 and it will tell you credit 1/36, credit 2/36 etc. for the duration of the promotion. Only the retail value of the cost of the 64gb base model of the iPhone Xr is credited, you don't get credited for the cost difference in the upgraded model or the taxes on the retail value of the phone. Hope this helps out.

            • dexinthecity

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              Not sure if that is correct, I'm looking at it right now online and they want $384 down payment + tax.

                • koroshika

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                  It might depend on your credit (the promotion is based on those who fall under the awesome credit category), but that is exactly how it worked all three times they've offered a deal like this and I upgraded my families' phones to newer models. Your qualifying credit may change the terms of the promotion if it falls into the average category. These are the exact terms direct from the promotional offer:


                  The amazing iPhone XR ON US


                  Via 36 monthly bill credits when you activate two lines and trade in an eligible device.


                  Contact us before canceling wireless service to continue device payments, or credits stop & remaining balance on finance agreement is due. Tax on pre-credit price due at sale. Limited time offer; subject to change. Qual'g credit, service, add'l line (2+ total), & finance agreement req'd. Qual'g trade-in of same operating system req'd. iPhone XR (64GB): $0 down + $20.84/mo. x 36, pre-credit price: $749.99. 0% APR. SIM starter kit or upgrade support charge may be required. Max 1/account. Must be active and in good standing to receive up to $750 in credits; allow 2 bill cycles. May not be combinable with some offers or discounts (e.g., Carrier Freedom).


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