T-Mobile is rip off with their promotional deals


    The only reason I wanted to switch to T-mobile last year was to utilize promotion that was going on around November 2017  (Buy 2 iPhone X and get $700 in rebate). I clearly mentioned to person I spoke with that I don't want to purchase iPhone X and will wait till next iPhone is launched in September. Person assured me that you would be able to use whatever promotion is going on around that time on you existing line without adding a new line (since I switched from ATT to T-mobile and on newly added lines I am not using promotion). He said you can safely switch to T-Mobile right now and you would be able to use promotion when next iPhone will be launched since T-Mobile will definitely have some kind of promotion during next thanksgiving.


    Now when I called them that I want to use current promotion, they are saying I can't use promotion without adding a line. I mean this is ridiculous, why would I add another line. They simply can not honor me what was promised by T-Mobile, at this point I don't have any benefit of switching from ATT to T-mobile.


    I would advice stay with your carrier and stay the hell away from T-Mobile as far as possible.

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      • magenta6836995

        I agree with you. I was told something similar when I added a line to my account. I paid the bill for 2 months without actually using the service because I was told all i had to do was wait for a deal to become active.  When i spoke to tmobile expert rep she said i was not eligible but fortunately for  me i dont give up. Promotion  specialist was able to assist me with getting a buy one get one from an outside retail store. Tmobile reps either do not know their jobs or they are straight up liars!

          • bombaylounge@gmail.com

            I am going through the same exact scam. These stores are bait and switch. Total liers. I was offered to buy one and get one iPhone XR for free on 1st Jan 2019.  I was willing to trade in my iPhone 6s plus but the sales rep ( I have her name) said I don't need to. The online billing reflected that for the first month and now it has completely disappeared. T-Mobile has created a systemic online billing scam and if you don't take screenshots of the billing and promotions, the details disappear and the PDF is something which they tell you will reflect the changes and it never does. I was told that in two months the changes will change, SCAM ARTISTS!!! They are liers and T- Mobile is a very unethical company.


            I was scammed!

            1. I was offered 3 lines (T-Mobile one plus plan, if I add a new line) for two lines.

            2. Buy one iPhone XR and get one free.


            They are making me pay more for service and $800 for the second phone.

            I am trying to get it fixed and will update how T-Mobile has designed this scam to take advantage of us. T-Mobile needs to monitor these owner-operated stores.

          • gramps28

            With promotions having a start and end date the rep you talked to must of been new because

            why would they honor a promotion from a year ago?

              • magenta6834589

                Well rep told me don't worry about promotion getting expired because T-mobile will have some other promotion during thanksgiving and I will be able to use it as a new line, since I am not using promotion that was going on around that time. I don't know if rep was new or experienced(there is no way for me to know that), all that matters is I was given assurance that my line will be consider as new line for next thanksgiving promotion.


                So I switch to T-mobile believing that rep. Now they are straight away saying there is no way we can give current promotion unless I add a new line. Everyone knows that if they want to honor their words they can do it, since there is a proof that I did not use promotion when I switch to T-mobile.

                  • ibcb

                    Nothing to do about it now other than continuing to complain up the chain but for any future conversation with them, any other cell phone provider and especially with flat-out evil companies like Comcast, you have to record and save every conversation you have with them if you don't have it writing.  You have no legal recourse otherwise as they will never give you their call center recordings and as you have found out, no one will ever honor what was said.   Always assume the rep is ignorant or instructed to say whatever they need to to get the sale.

                    • gramps28

                      Did you do this on the phone and if so do they still have the recording?


                      I don't understand how a Tmobile rep could tell you that a year old line would be considered new the following year

                      so you can take advantage of a different promo.


                      As for not using a promotion to switch there are people who do not need a promotion to switch.

                        • magenta6834589

                          You are right there are ppl who don't need promotion to switch, but I was switching so that I could use promotion. Now I feel why did I switch, ATT coverage was much better than T-mobile.

                            • gramps28

                              You can always switch back to AT&T since you probably still have AT&T phones and get a similar deal.

                                • magenta6834589

                                  When I moved from ATT, I lost 6 years old family plan which ATT no longer offer. There is no gain for me now to switch back to ATT unfortunately otherwise I wouldn't think twice.


                                  Don't you think if I was told something, T-mobile should honor that ?

                                    • nelfar212

                                      In my 12 years with TMO, I've dealt with a small amount of reps who were unfriendly, unhelpful and flat out would not do anything more that what was required of them. Those reps should not reflect they company as a whole, 99.9% of the reps, are helpful, friendly, and enjoy their jobs as such are willing to go above an beyond that being said, it's still our responsibility to read the terms and conditions of any promo's offered prior to. Just last week, I was quoted a price for a TAB S4 which was to good to be true, luckily for me I checked the fine print and saved myself a lot of headaches. I understand some are say TMO should be responsible to honor what their reps tells customers, an I agree. I've spent more time with TMO than some of it's employees and I know better.  

                          • magenta6838163

                            Call and ask to speak to the cancellation department.


                            Tell them your story, how frustrated you are, how you feel cheated and how no one has helped you, therefore you’re going back to AT&T, a company you can trust.


                            Anytime I’ve threatened to cancel services they’ve bent over backwards to stop it.


                            But, jic ...


                            Make sure you have a backup plan jic, like get a prepaid for the time being 


                            You really have have nothing to lose.  If they can give you a reason to stay, do it. If they don’t satisfy what you wanted, but offer you something, ask to have it sent to you in writing while you’re on the phone, and make sure it doesn’t include anything that wasn’t explicitly explained to you, once you have that information in your inbox, tell them you’ll think about it.  You don’t have to cancel on the spot.


                            I’ve been with them for 16 years and they’ve always fixed whatever was s problem.  Good luck.

                            • tmo_amanda

                              Hey, magenta6834589!


                              This is a super unfortunate situation and I'm so sorry you're having to go through this after being told you'd be able to get a great deal this year. It's pretty unheard of that our reps would mention a deal a year away (especially when related to Black Friday Magenta Friday deals) because 99.99% of the time, we as a company don't know what promotions we'll be running a year in advance. Now that's not to discredit what you were told because it doesn't make much sense that someone would call back a year later to take advantage of a promo unless they were told would be running during a specific time period.


                              As for where to go from here -- were you told of this promotion over the phone or in a store? When you called in to take advantage of this promotion, did we review the notes from a year ago to see if anything references this? Lastly, when you upgrade, I'm assuming you're looking at the iPhone XS or XS Max, will you also be trading in a phone and if so, what type of phone are you trading in?

                              • magenta6834589

                                Hey tmo_amanda...Thanks for understanding the concern. I was assured this over the phone and yes I am looking for Iphone XS and I am ready to trade in my iphone 7, it just I cant add a new line since I dont need it.

                                  • tmo_amanda

                                    Thanks for getting back to me,magenta6834589! I'm sorry for the delayed response as our team was offline over the holiday.  I dug through all of the offers we have going on right now and all iPhone deals require adding a line.  As of right now, I'm not aware of future promotions that do not have this requirement since we recently wrapped up an iPhone promo with no AAL (add a line). We've heard a lot of feedback from our customer's over the weekend that they're not a fan of having to add a line to get a steal of a deal. If you know anything about our CEO, he's very customer oriented and truly does hear what you're saying and takes action. Have you tried working with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter yet? They may be able to look over your account notes from a year ago a little more thoroughly to see what other options may be available. That's pretty much the only other recommendation that I can make to get this sorted out.

                                  • magenta6834589

                                    tmo_amanda sorry I forgot to tag you in my earlier comment.