Dangerous Unlock Situation - being conned by Tmobile - help


    I have a brand LG G7


    Device is clear, paid off, verified by Tmobile that it can be unlocked. Clean IMEI, etc


    10-12 reps, 2 superviosors and 4 tech support reps are unable to help unlock this phone.


    They say only the unlock app can do it and that gives a error. They say whitelist the IMEI, again nothing .


    This is a prepaid account. Tmoble charges me each time I dial 611 to work on this issue by some how converting it to their 800 number.


    They have escalated this multiple times. again with no resolution. What is worse is when you login online and try to unlock, under the unlock option it says its not possible because the "Customer does Not exist"


    I have to travel overseas tomorrow and billion dollar company cant tell me whats going on with their product or service.


    Am I stuck with an expensive brick that ive paid additional and followed your rules to unlock?


    Why has no one emailed nor contacted me after the apparent escalations to sort this out?

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      • gramps28

        For prepaid plans it's using the phone on the network or $100 in refills. If you met that requirement and the unlock app fails I would try

        clearing the system cache and then try unlocking it.

        • tmo_amanda

          Hey, sesttle101!


          Was the device purchased from T-Mobile or LG and has the device been used on our network? Lastly, as gramps28 mentioned, have you met the refill requirement of $100? When you spoke to the supervisors, do you happen to know if they submitted an escalated request via email? I truly do want to help get to the bottom of why your device hasn't been unlocked yet after you've worked with so many people over the phone.

            • sesttle101

              Of course. Phone was purchased and  is paid off at Tmobile.


              3 times supervisor has escalated via email to the "business partner"


              3 times ive got an email from T-Mobile stating my phone can only br

              unlocked with the app.


              3 times the app continues with an error code 255


              The account is funded first with $3. Then with $100.


              I would not advise anyone risking their money this way.


              My phone is brand new paid off LG G7. It is an over priced brick as I only

              wanted to use this as an overseas data and photo device.


              I am at my wits end. I have no clue ehat direction to take. I feel T-Mobile

              is resposible.


              We continue having the same exact conversation. Esacalate and then an email

              from you ststing to use the app.


              Ive reset the phone multiple times. Ive even put a non T-Mobile SIM in on

              the advise of a T mobile rep.


              What is my next move!?


              I want a refund.