Oneplus6T restart/crash issues


    Recently got the 6T on Nov 3rd. Traded in my LGV30 for it. This phones specs are amazing, and I've really enjoyed it so far .


    My issue: this phone CONTINUOUSLY crashes . I'll open random apps(fb, snap, insta, chrone etc) and they'll just stay on their respective loading screen and nothing will happen. I'll have to go to settings and force stop them which doesnt work half the time anyways.


    On top of crashing it RANDOMLY restarts. In fact while I've been typing this message its restarted 4 times .I'll occasionally get a system message popup saying "system ui not responding" or "process not responding".


    Went to T Mobile and they said because its within 14 days of purchase they can't do anything yet. So I'm here to see if the community can help.


    Any questions feel free to ask.

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