Warning using buyers remorse cancels your JOD


    Jumped from my V30 to an S9, during the remorse period I returned the new S9 and stayed with my old V30.  They received the S9 and all seemed well.  I was told that since I returned the S9 on time that the jump was cancelled.   Months later I tried to do another jump only to find out that that the system never closed/cancelled my V30 to S9 jump because the system is still expecting my old V30 to be returned.  Since it was not returned my JOD can no longer be used.   I pieced this together after talking to several Tmobile reps.  None of the reps seem to know this or explain this well.  Whats more there is no solution to resolve this and retain your JOD.  Until my V30 lease is paid off and I returned it, they will not allow me to use JOD.  Now it gets interesting, assuming I do what they say, pay off the lease and return the V30 ( this will clear the 1st jump but I will no longer have a phone!!) so I cannot do another jump because I just returned my only phone.   Is this a glitch in their system?  When returning a new phone during buyers remorse, they know you kept your original phone and should remove that "pending return" flag from the account.  That would allow you to continue to use JOD. 


    Some of the more experienced reps or supervisors are aware of this and offer a workaround,  The workaround is to payoff you existing JOD lease and start a new EIP or JOD.  I have found no other solution.  Bottomline is DO NOT USE BUYERS REMORSE WITH A JOD.

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