Bait and switch???


    On Thursday, September 13, 2018, I went to the T-Mobile Store at XXXXXXX in Missouri and spoke with the associate.  I told him I was interested in switching to T-Mobile, but that my credit was not excellent. I asked him if he could do a soft check and see what my down payments would be for five lines.  He said I was “well qualified” and we discussed the cost of the plan and the two Samsung Galaxies and three iPhones I was interested in. He told me about the BOGO specials and helped me to pre-select the phones. I told him I would need to bring my family back to the store with me in two days on Saturday to finalize the deal. I also asked about coverage in my area since it was weak several years ago when I was shopping for T-Mobile. The manager assured me that there was coverage in my area.

    At about 10:30 am on Saturday, September 15, 2018, I went back to the store with my family. The same manager was present and assisted me. Once my family decided on the phones they wanted, he brought the phones out (One Galaxy 9 Note, two Galaxy 9s, and two iPhone 8s). He “worked some numbers” and said that I had about $700 in credit still and helped us select accessories for the phones. This took until about 11:30 and he asked if I could wait a few minutes until the associate arrived for work to finalize


    Associate finally arrived, and it was not until around 1 pm that Austin informed me that my credit limit was only half if what they store had initially told me. So, we had to put away the accessories and downgrade our choices to two Galaxy 9s and three Galaxy J-3 (far inferior phone compared to the other phones we chose).  I needed to switch from my current carrier because the cost was extremely high compared to T-Mobile. Needless to say, I was not thrilled as a customer nor was my family since we were led to believe we were eligible for the higher-grade devices.


    By the time the associate had completed everything, it was nearly 3 pm. I spent almost 5 hours in the store dealing with this. Granted, the manager drove to another store to get the J-7’s. However, it should not take five hours. Austin blamed some of the delays on computer malfunctions three times. 

    During the process on Thursday and Saturday, I was told that T-Mobile offered early termination incentives to switch. When I asked the associate about that incentive at the end of the interaction, he told me that I was not eligible since the S9 was a BOGO special.


    I will say at that point, I felt like walking out of the store, but our trade in devices had already been wiped clean.


    When I got home, I found that we could not use data nor the calling feature without being hooked up to the Wi-Fi at home. I had to make a special trip to the store to get a booster which I only knew about because I had looked up the issue on the web. Austin failed to tell me about that as well.

    When I spoke to the associate on the second trip, I also discovered that Austin failed to tell me how to connect my NetFlix accounts, T-Mobile Tuesdays, and a whole variety of other aspects to include that I would initially be making payments on the “free S9” until the bill was reconciled, and a credit would appear on my bill. He failed to tell me about the saving with auto payments as well.


    I am extremely displeased with the service I received from the associate and the issues with the credit. The whole reason I came into the store before I brought my family was to find out exactly what I was eligible for and I was misled, not only that day, but during Saturday morning as well.  I understand that mistakes can happen, but it seems that a series of mistakes happened when handling my cell phone needs. I was not fully informed of all aspects of the account, what it included, what I was to expect, and resources that I would need such as the booster. I feel that several steps were not taken to ensure all my needs were met. They never used the coverage map to find out the level of coverage in my area. I could only find an outdated coverage map initially, but I eventually found the current coverage map. My address sits right in the middle of a very small dead spot. I had to take two hours out of my day to go back to the store just to get the booster, so we could make calls without having to use Wi-Fi.


    Over the past two months, I have spent over 12 hours dealing with customer care and wanted contact with the district manager. Of course, the district manager has avoided contacting me and instead had the manager of the store who caused the issues in the first contact me.

    I feel that this was the classic bait and switch. Tell me I have a larger credit limit, get me in the store, and pump up the family with the phones, then drop a bomb. By that time, you just want to get the process over and get out of there. Granted my bill is cheaper with T-Mobile, but it seems that with the cheaper price, customer service goes out the window.


    When I had to talk to the manager again, I asked him to explain how my credit limit could be as high as it was one day and only half two days later. He could not explain that. I told him that either the associate was incompetent or lied. He took offense and I told him that it was possible to find out if my credit was actually run on Thursday since every computer transaction leaves a footprint. He told me that he helped me and that the J-3's were in fact free. I told I was paying monthly installments on them. He claimed they were free since he put the account under my business and that someone must have changed it. That was a total lie. My account is under my name, not my business.


    He later called back and said he had researched it and that my five lines were, in fact, eligible for the early termination fee and that I would receive a master card with the early termination fees on it.  I went online. Another lie. Only two phones showed up and the fair market value of the phone was going to be applied to my bill up to a certain amount with the rest in a card. I could not submit a request for the early termination fee for the five lines.

    They make money off of the plan, not the phones, so, unfortunately, it appears to me that it was nothing more than a bait and switch. If it was not, I challenge T-Mobile to prove it by providing the computer logs from that day from that store to show that my credit was actually run. If it was, why was it only half two days later?>



    The reason I am posting this in the public forum is that I tried to have this addressed the right way, but apparently the district manager does not want to do what he is supposed to do.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Bait and switch???

        My goodness magenta6839673, you have definitely been through the wringer here and I cannot apologize enough We would love the opportunity to take a closer look at your account to see what specifically happened here. Here on a public community forum, we do not have a way to securely verify your account and keep your information safe. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, I would recommend that you use the links in my signature to send a secure private message to our T-Force team. They will be able to authenticate your account and research what happened with the credit checks as well as verify your eligibility for the carrier freedom reimbursements should you qualify.


        As for the district manager not following up with you, our T-Force folks will also be able to get this incident escalated directly to them so that a follow up can be provided.