24 hours plus delay in receiving voicemail notifications


    Hi T Mobile, this is a persistent problem ever since I switched to your service. This morning I received a voicemail that was left for me on Nov 2, that is, 10 days ago. Typically, I receive notification the day after a voicemail has been left.  Can you please advise?





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      • tmo_chris

        That is quite the delay! Are these your visual voicemail notifications or just a standard voicemail notification that are being delayed. Are you able to have someone leave you a test voicemail and then check your voicemail manually to see if it is there and the notification itself is what is delayed?

        • tmo_amanda

          Happy Friday, Diane!


          We've had a few reports of issues with voicemail specifically on iOS devices. Please take a look at the questions Chris asked above so we can get a better idea of the problem to help find a solution.

          • magentatechie

            Right, my question is are you using Android or iOS?  If you are using an Android and having issues with Visual Voicemail, you may want to clear the data and cache from the app.  I just spoke to a couple using S7s and having the same issues but once we cleared the data, they both had an outpouring of messages from days/weeks ago.  You can do this by going to Settings>Apps and Notifications>Apps>Visual Voicemail>Storage>Clear Data (your actual verbiage may vary depending on your device). Unfortunately, this step can't be performed on an Apple phone.