Is anyone else's OnePlus 6T on backorder as well?


    I ordered my phone a couple weeks ago and was told it was back-ordered due to popularity. I was okay with waiting a little extra time. It was expected to ship out between Nov 6 - Nov 8, but I still haven't gotten a shipping update. Today, the order status still says "Your order is being processed." T-Mobile reps have told me that this delay is because they still lack the stock and are waiting on incoming shipments. I would have believed this, if not for the fact that when I check, the website said the phone was in stock for online order and is available to ship by Nov 12 (today). What's going on?

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      • magenta4260701

        Same here. Starting to get impatient, honestly.

        • thejetage

          Mine also says 6-8, placed the order subday Nov. 4th. Reached out via chat and was told the same but the listing says 12-14th. Also getting very impatient as I already sent my V30 back thinking the phone would be here by now.

          • xen123

            Mine says will ship between Nov 2-5 but still no update. This is extremely irresponsible behavior from T Mobile. They have not yet sent any notifications also on delays.

            • poodle_tennis

              Did the trade-in deal on the 9th, the store told me the phone would ship by yesterday, the 12th.


              On the phone with a rep right now who tells me that the phones are on back order. Rep just kinda shrugging right now.

              • drcraignixon

                I'm in the exact same boat. Went into a T-Mobile store on 11/4. Did the trade in. Was told the phone would ship 11/6-8. I spoke with customer service on 11/11 and was told it was on back order and it will ship 11/16-19. Also frustrated.

                • barr5107

                  I ordered mine right when sales went live and received it the next morning with overnight shipping

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                    I'm getting very frustrated as well. My boyfriend and i switched to tmobile so were paying for 2 lines. He was previously on att so he couldn't just put a new tmobile sim card in his phone (which is what i did with my verizon phone) so im paying for a line this month we can't even use because he doesnt have his new phone which we were told would ship 11/9.

                    • magenta161803398875

                      I am chatting with them as we speak and in the same boat. It showed as in stock the next day so this is rather annoying. If something happens to my trade-in phone during this extended delay i am out of luck, so what am I supposed to do, put it in a box until it gets here? They cant even give a firm date. Very disappointing, I had hoped to have the new phone before holiday travel. If I wanted to wait weeks for it I would have held out to see what kind of black friday deals came up. Glad I didnt pay the extra money for overnight shipping!

                      • paratech59

                            Same situation here.  I ordered the phone by calling into T-Mobile on Sunday November 4, 2018.  The rep said that there was a holdup and the estimated ship date was November 6 through the 8th.  I said fine.  I checked the status on the phone on November 9, 2018 and the representative would only say that they didn't know anything and that the shipment to the warehouse must have been delayed  (Not very helpful).  I called yesterday November 12, 2018 as the status on my T-Mobile page still indicates that the estimated shipping dates were still showing as November 6 to the 8.  I got the same song and dance..."Our system" doesn't have an updated status  We don't know when it it going to arrive and when it is going to ship.  I brought up the fact that stores and people that ordered the phone outside of the promotion seem to be getting the phone just fine, but only the ones who took advantage of the promotion seem to be placed into another category.  I firmly told the representative that it's not acceptable to say "We don't know".  Someone knows something and that the customer's who took advantage of this promotion deserve better than that lame answer and that I encourage the rep to send this up the chain and that I expect an answer...other than "I don't know" within 48 hours.  The rep assured me that I would get a call from someone in T-Mobile by Wednesday.  I explained to the rep that whoever calls me should be prepared that if they still are going to use the same lazy response, then I will not be pleasant to deal and will insist on being passed up the chain until someone is able to provide a better answer than "We don't know".  Realistically, I don't expect any real answers.  The people who know something and are controlling the priority of the devices to stores and buyers outside of the promotion will continue to hide away in their ivory towers and expect the representatives to continue to deal with us common folk without any satisfactory answers.

                        • eninca

                          Me too. Ordered on 11/4. Was supposed to ship by 11/8. I called yesterday and they told me it should now be shipped by Thursday 11/15. I'm trying to stay patient, but I ordered a new phone for a reason. My old phone is limping along, so chop, chop Tmobile! Get these units out!

                          • halebs

                            Same deal. I didn't order until 11/8 (the last day of the $300 trade-in offer). My order notes an estimated ship date of 11/9-11/12. For the heck of it, I tried chat 11/13 to ask about my order and the CSR just copy and pasted a long boilerplate response. It basically just said "you will get a text when the item ships". Sounds like they have no idea when new shipments will come in (or maybe giving priority to other channels), which I find a bit annoying since the website does not reflect that same uncertainty (even for new orders). It would have been nice to at least have realistic expectations relating to when the item would arrive, rather than just leaving you hanging. Now not sure if it will be days, weeks or months. When I asked about possibility of cancellation, the CSR seemed overly eager to help with that which makes me wonder if I could be waiting a long time. Good for TMobile on the popularity of the deal and OnePlus partnership, but not feeling great relating to how this is being handled.

                            • magenta6797084

                              Often when a new product which hasn't been available to a carrier before will have delays as the manufacture under estimates sales.   Additionally, the promotion T-mobile offered has far exceeded the supply by OnePlus.  I know when the first Google Pixel phone was released only through Verizon, they too had a difficult time obtaining more stock from the manufacture for the first few months.  Since the T-mobile version is unique and the demand has exceeded their expectations it will take longer. OnePlus are still having to manufacture the T-mobile version phones and then ship from China. I know for those purchasing the phone last week, the estimated ship date is through 11/20. Because the demand was so high, T-mobile ended the promo last week to slow demand and avoid further delays.  I too wish I could receive sooner, but for the value I have to be patient.  Otherwise, I could have paid more and got it sooner directly from OnePlus.

                                • paratech59

                                  You have made some good points and I agree with most of those points.  Someone at T-Mobile came up with the promotion and ordered it ran.  The promotion was not active for very long.  Any person could go on the internet and gauge interest in Oneplus phones and determine that a promotion like the one that was ran would be very popular.  That all being least t-Mobile did end the promotion fairly quickly...but honestly that is about the only thing I can say that was done correctly.  What I don't understand is...although they have people committed to purchasing these phone under the promotion, the T-Mobile phone is still being delivered to stores.  From what I can discern online, people are purchasing the T-Mobile Oneplus 6T not under the promotion and the phones are in stock and being shipped out.  What I cannot get anyone at T-Mobile to explain to me is why the Oneplus 6T phones that were purchased under the promotion, separate from the other phones being delivered to stores and people making normal purchases outside of the promotion.  To address the issue of the estimate...yes it is an estimate...but who came up with the estimate and based on what information?  What bothers me is that after one week, I can still log into my account and see that the purchase is "In Progress" with an estimated ship date of November 6 through the 8th).  This hasn't been updated.  What is the new estimated ship dates?  We are forced to call into customer service and speak to customer service reps who are sympathetic and try and want to be helpful...but they either don't have or can't disclose any useful information other than..."We Don't Know When the Item Will Ship"  Somebody in T-Mobile knows something and are not disclosing what is going on.  Absolutely no release of information.  They won't even update the status on my account page to something that would be truthful or admit to what the customer service reps are putting out..."We don't know nothing"  We don't know why phones are being delivered to stores, we don't know why customers who purchased the phones outside of the promotion are getting phones shipped to them.  Basically, to me...It's T-Mobile higher ups casting the big middle finger at all of us that appreciated and understood the value of this promotion. (Honestly, I have asked my co-workers and even college students about Oneplus one has heard about them.  It's one thing to underestimate the interest in the phones but it's something else when the company won't address the issue of the promotion and lack of information regarding people who signed up under the promotion for these phones...with estimates...that haven't been updated.  I don't believe for a minute that the company doesn't know what is going on...they are choosing, instead to ignore us because now they have very real data that indicates a very big interest in this phone...even at regular price.

                                • avalanch

                                  My question is did anyone's credit card got charge yet? And if it did does it means they started shipping the device ?

                                  • raceman

                                    Got my OnePlus 6T the first day. Great phone. Its worth the wait.

                                    • aziko_-

                                      Same here peeps. Ordered on last day of the promo 11/8 and it supposed to ship 11/9-11/12, still saying that it's being processed. They just didn't expect this phone to be so popular...

                                      • crashback77

                                        I ordered the Oneplus 6T on November 8th. I read that it was on backorder and estimated shipping was between the 9th-12th. My order has not shipped yet. My card has not been charged. I'm trading in a phone. I'm wondering if it's 30 days from when I ordered to trade in my device to get the discount. I'm not sending my phone back until I receive the new one. It is getting ridiculous. We should not be charged shipping at this point. $6.99 and it will probably take a week or more to arrive whenever it ships. I did notice it's in stock online and I tried to order through the terrible app.  It wouldn't go through so I ordered over the phone. The $20 fee was waived for speaking with a live person. A nonsense fee. I may cancel my order. 

                                        • magenta161803398875

                                          What's Better Than Black Friday? Magenta Friday from T-Mobile Why? New Smartphones for $0 | T-Mobile Newsroom ow about shipping the trade in o


                                          1)     How about shipping the ones from the trade in? Thant would be great.

                                          2)     Maybe I need to leave t-mobile so I can get good deals to come back. Maybe switch between Red and Magenta every 2 years? Probably never have to pay for a phone again, since the best deals ALWAYS go to the new customers. The Oneplus 6T is *free* with a new line and a trade-in. Could have added new line, dropped old line and saved $350.

                                          • rob399z

                                            I am beginning to think that Tmobile is not being honest about the shipping dates of the phone, especially those ordered with this promotion.  I ordered the phone a week ago, and it still hasn't even shipped.  I was told today it's definitely NOT on backorder, and that it should ship soon.


                                            What s worse is that Tmobile has already charged me for the phone without shipping it and there's no way to undo the transaction now. 


                                            Their customer service reps are very nice, but they really have zero information to give about this issue and are able to do nothing about it.  Bad service from T Mobile.  Really bad.

                                            • kskinn12

                                              I ordered my phone on the 5th, shipping was estimated to be on 11/8-11/10 and I finally got my phone today! and it's beautiful! worth the wait i think.

                                              • eninca

                                                I think they must have been caught flat footed on just how much response they would get to this promotion. They underestimated the demand. It happens and it's understandable, but very soon they are going to need to come clean to those if is still waiting and give us the real info and maybe a little credit on our bills or something. Just to acknowledge that they understand the inconvenience.

                                                • eninca

                                                  Better late than never. Just got the notification that mine has shipped. Good.

                                                  • paratech59

                                                    So...One of the Customer Service Rep Supervisors called me as promised by T-Mobile.  Very nice guy but it was more.."We Don't Know When It will be Recieved and When It Will Ship".  I told him that people are talking to each other online and how curious it was that phones are shipping to stores and to people who ordered the phone outside of the promotion.  Poor guy couldn't address that.  Told me that if I found a store with the phones that he would make arrangements for me to get the phone that way under the provisions of the promotion...I told him BS...T-Mobile has a better idea where the phones were than I did and spending my time hoping that I am at a store at the right time and date.  All said and done, he indicated that he would followup with me by next Monday.


                                                    *** Dramatic Pause***


                                                    Two hours later, I get back to my office and I get an email from T-Mobile indicating that my phone has shipped TODAY (11-14-2018) with an expected delivery date of next Tuesday.  I am sure this was strictly coincidental but I thought it was interesting.  Hoping the rest of you will also get your phones shipped just as quickly. 

                                                    • raceman

                                                      Got some inside news. Oneplus 6T will be on sale for free Friday. They will have 10 to 15 in each store. So cancel your orders and go to a store Early and buy one. Here is the catch.  You have to buy the phone outright and you will be refunded the amount monthly  over 2 years. 

                                                      • ayirana

                                                        I ordered 11/8, has the estimate of 11/9-12, and shipped on the 14th.

                                                        Looks like they got a big batch.

                                                        • crashback77

                                                          I don't think I even want the 6T anymore. T mobile effed it up. Charged me for it and it hasn't been shipped. Time to contact the BBB.

                                                          • tmo_mike_c

                                                            Sorry to hear you folks had some issues with ordering this one. i know this one's a hot commodity. Has anyone gotten an updated info on their shipping?

                                                              • crashback77

                                                                I received an email last night that it was shipped and it arrived this morning. So far so good.  I will be mailing my trade in tomorrow morning.

                                                                  • paratech59

                                                                    That is really great.  My shipped on last Wednesday (Nov 14, 2018) and according to tracking it's not due to be delivered by UPS ground next Tuesday (Nov 21, 2018).  I'm just glad it's en-route but the customer service representative did say that he was going to see to it that shipping got upgraded.  Would have been nice to have it this weekend least I know the status and it's enroute.  Glad you got yours quickly.

                                                                      • avalanch

                                                                        Make sure they actually shipped the device. Let me tell you my fairy tale. I ordered the phone on 3rd, was promise that it will ship out between 6th and 8th and then my CC gets charge on 13th and i get my shipping information on 14th saying it was shipped at 4:17 PM on 14th and Schedule to arrive on 16th Friday today end of the Day. Surprise Surprise, i didn't receive the package till 7:30 PM so i called UPS. According to UPS they didn't receive any package from T-mobile just the billing info. So now i call t-mobile trying to find some clarification on the matter. Still getting runaround...To be continued. Will Updated you guys one i know more. Mind you i am a 13 year old customer with 5 active lines on my account. Guess what i am doing next...    

                                                                        • crashback77

                                                                          I ordered mine last Thursday. Last day of the trade in promo. It was backordered. I knew that. It was estimated to ship by the 12th then changed to 14th-16th. I'm liking it so far. Though the camera is about even with my S7 edge that I was going to trade in. I go to print  the shipping label to send my S7 edge back for what I thought was a $300 credit and the Assurant document says $68 for my S7 edge. Ridiculous. T mobile is acting more like Verizon and at&t everyday. I might as well keep my S7 edge or sell it. I'm not trading it in for $68.

                                                                    • tmo_mike_c

                                                                      Sounds like some folks are getting their orders shipped and we do appreciate everyone's patience while the phones ship. Just in case folks wanna keep tabs on their order, can always Track your device order use that link.

                                                                        • paratech59

                                                                          "Track your device order"????   Really Mike?  Yeah...after a week of being told that T-Mobile doesn't know about our phones and when they will ship...Mine was shipped last Wednesday (11-14-2018) The message stated that the item was scheduled to be delivered on 11-20-2018 which is vaguely like..estimated ship date that T-Mobile kept posted for a week past those dates.  But lets get back to "Tracking"  My order was last tracked on 11-15-2018 at 10:05 AM Out of Illinois...that currently as of today (11-19-2018) is still the only tracking information available.  To be clear...there is no tracking...right now what I have is an estimated delivery date which if anything like the "estimated" ship date is somewhat doubtful.  Additionally, I had talked with a Customer Service rep on 11-9-2018 regarding the item and telling me that that they and T-Mobile don't know anything that to compensate, they would ensure that the phone, when arrives to T-Mobile, that they would upgrade shipping so I would get it if not overnight, at least in a couple of days.  Of course, I address this with a customer service rep today...and their response is...We can't upgrade shipping when it's ordered.  This is after the fact and after a customer rep told me something completely different.  Not bashing customer service reps...but so far they haven't provided me with any useful information and have provided with with misinformation.  All I will say is T-Mobile took a really nice promotion and really botched it for those of us who took up promotional offer in good faith.  Normally, I have had good experience with Customer Service but not this time around...and when I saw this posting by Mike (tmo-mike_c) regarding "Tracking"  Your idea of what tracking is..not necessarily what other people consider tracking to be. - Not a happy T-Mobile Customer (although I'm sure they think I should be for getting such a good deal on the phone).  Just shouldn't have to jump through hoops for the offer.

                                                                            • tmo_mike_c

                                                                              I checked on issue related to the shipping that device and the last message internal is that this was resolved for folks on a large scale. We were collecting help desk tickets of this issue to get it resolved. In occasions like yours where it's not working, we'll need to have our account folks file a Service Desk ticket for you to get this resolved.

                                                                          • eninca

                                                                            Finally received my 6t yesterday. Worth the wait. Great device. I'm loving it.

                                                                            • chris_in_cal

                                                                              It arrived today  11/20/2018, I originally got the dreaded "ship date expected to be between 10/6/18 and 10/8/18"


                                                                              I'm setting it up now, so far so good.


                                                                              It is a lot bigger than my recently boot loop of death Nexus 5X

                                                                                • paratech59

                                                                                  I was also one of the ones with the original ship date of Nov 6 through the 8th.  It was finally delivered yesterday as well.  Still perturbed about how T-Mobile handled this promotion though.  It's one thing to be told "We Don't Know Anything" but another thing entirely to be told "We Don't Know When We Will Know Anything".  Don't expect the customer to just accept that nobody that works at T-Mobile doesn't know anything...that is being lazy and completely disrespectful.  The idea is to get the information and then call back the customer...just not leaving it at..."We Don't Know".

                                                                                  Phone is awesome so far.  Really like the minimal bloatware on the phone.  That was my biggest complaint with Samsung was them insisting on using Bixby as my assistant and having all sorts of apps installed from their app store without my consent...and not being able to uninstall it.

                                                                                  Thanks to everyone who contributed in this thread.  It was nice to know that I wasn't the only person who felt this was bad treatment by T-Mobile.

                                                                                  • chris_in_cal

                                                                                    Because of the shippong delay my old phone got to the warehouse first. Now i have my 6T and Tmo has my trade in.  Just got my first bill and they have done the trade in discount. I saw somewhere that it could take one or two cycles...mine was zero cycles. So far so good Tmo