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    Is there a way to make a contact for all phone numbers that come in a certain format? I receive about 10-15 text message a day from my work and they come in the format of ###-#. I think it does this because of the way T-Mobile processes the emails that are sent to my phone number. I obviously cannot change what is being sent to me. Here are a few of the phone numbers I receive 400-1, 371-2. So the possibilities are endless. Is there a quick of efficient way to have all of these messages go into one thread. Only thing I can think of is to create a contact and add every number starting from 000-0 to 999-9 but that is impractical. Thanks!

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      • tmo_mike_c

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        Oh man, that solution sounds super tedious, but I appreciate the creativity. I don't see another solution since the messages are coming from randomly generated numbers. If the system sends it out with a specific number, you could add it to the contacts like you mentioned but I'm sorry I don't have workaround that'll help with this issue.