TMobile won't unlock my phone because they claim I have an unpaid balance


    I was with TMobile for close to 3+ years and decided to move on when my kids needed phones and TMobile was getting expensive. I went to Metro PCS, TMobile's sister concern in April and they told me that I don't have to inform TMobile regarding this move because they said TMobile will see that my 2 numbers were moved from TMobile to Metro PCS and that's enough. I got 5 lines through Metro PCS for $100 and was a happy customer for a bit.


    Since I had online billing with T-Mobile, I never thought that TMobile was also adding up their charges when I was with Metro PCS. All of a sudden, I hot a huge bill from TMobile saying I need to pay that amount ASAP.. I told them that I can't do that since I didn't use their services.


    Now that I have decided to move on to AT&T and all of a sudden TMobile won't unlock my Phone since they claim that I have an unpaid balance. It looks like TMobile is forcing me not to reconsider them as a future customer in my mind.


    I wonder what you will do if you are in my shoes?

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