Confirmation Code (Invalid and Unchanging)


    I tried switching to TMobile a few months back but I was being blocked. I assume it was because my father was late on his payment for my phone (which why I wanted to switch lmao). Now, my phone is paid for and I wish to finalize the switch. I still have my SIM card from the months ago. I went so far as to activate it and received the texts from TMobile telling me to wait for a call from them (which never happened); nonetheless, I am here today (and yesterday) trying to make a payment so I can gain service.


    My account says I don't have any linked numbers, but I do. When I go add number, my number is pretty clearly displayed as primary number. Whatever, so I try to add new number anyway. Enter in my number. Type in the confirmation code--"INVALID CONFIRMATION CODE." Okay, double check i typed in the code correctly, yes it's the same. *RESEND CODE* And would you believe it? It's the same code. Again. Whatever, I enter it in again--"INVALID CONFIRMATION CODE."


    Okay, so here is where I am stuck now. I want to continue with TMobile and keep my SIM card which I already paid for because it's cheap, but how am I supposed to get service to use my phone?



    Old number still associated with account, but it's not counted as a "linked number."

    Can't pay for service (it won't load and says there is not number or whatever)

    Confirmation code to confirm my number is not being accepted and will not change.


    **Special notes**
    I tried logging using my number instead of my TMobile ID and the text did not go through

    I tried sending the code a day later (today, loggin in with TMobile ID) and it sent a different code, but it was still invalid and did not change upon resending

    I tried using the TMobile app -- locked out "Not ready for me" (okay)

    I signed up for prepaid plan entirely through the website (nothing was in store)

    My old/current carrier is Verizon


    I would appreciate a speedy resolution as I have many 2 Factor Authentications depend on my phone number

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