Change of Responsibility


    My aunt is currently on a 2 line plan still currently under her son's name. She has recently moved in with me after losing her house. Her son is no longer on the plan and will not assist in getting lines on the account transferred to my name. He has moved out of state with his new wife and is for all intents and purposes "estranged." What options do we have. Currently she is paying $130 a month and will only pay $30 a month for each of the 2 lines if she joins on my account. She is on a fixed income and is wondering what to do. We are not even sure how the account was signed up as the last 4 of the social for her son is incorrect. She knows his SSN and I have verified that it is correct since I have his W-2 forms as I used to do his taxes.


    Please help.


    Thank you

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      • gramps28

        Re: Change of Responsibility

        If the account is in his name as PAH , your aunt should stop paying the bill and start with a new account

        but unfortunately she would have to get new phone numbers.

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        • em_just_helping

          Re: Change of Responsibility

          Since your aunt is not the Billing Responsible Party, she can stop paying with no consequence to her. And as the prev help said, she will need a new number.


          Also, if the phone (device) is under a plan with the "estranged" account owner, and they stop paying for it; and the device still has a balance. The device will eventually stop working and you will need to replace it....

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          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Change of Responsibility

            This is such a terrible situation. If her son is still the PAH, he'll need to make the switch. If there's a chance he may have changed it over to another person before moving his line, we'd need that new account holder to help with getting that number over to your account. As mentioned already, getting another number and setting it up on your account is gonna be the only other option.