need help finding a phone my sim card can use


    Let me start by saying I don't know anything about phones.  I'm not into all this technology and don't need the latest and greatest.  I've had a ZTE Zinger prepaid Tmobile phone for about 4 years.  I want to stay on the prepaid because I don't use a phone often and I have money on it that I don't want to give up.  In researching, I found out I have to have a phone that uses the same sim card.  I think mine uses a micro card but don't know.  I want to be able to transfer the minutes I have left, about  $100 that will last me a year or more - I told you I don't use the phone much - and don't want to toss that money away.  About every 6 months I start this project, look unline for a phone, don't have a clue what I'm doing, call Tmobile and sit on hold for literally hours or get someone from another country who wants to upsell and "give me the best plan for me", like he knows what I need for his commission today.  I've gone into Tmobile stores and called asking and they turn their back on me or said they don't have anything under $150, you're outta luck.  All I want to know is, what model, make, brand of phone will use the sim card I have and the minutes I have left will transfer to the new phone.  I'm not asking for a lot.  Thanks for any help

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      • shelbyfan

        I don't know what modern phones still use a micro SIM card. Do you HAVE to use the same SIM card or can you get a new one and he your minutes? You might have to step it up to a new sim, or even go to a flip phone.

        As for phones, I would never but a zte or Blu. I would recommend Motorola, Huawei, or xiaomi. They all make sub $100 phones and are fairly durable.


        You can do some research and find out specific specifications. I did a little and it looks to have been about three years when nano SIM became the default.

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        • gramps28

          You can buy any phone but you just need to get a new sim and have your account transferred to that sim.


          Your account is tied to the sim not the phone.

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          • drnewcomb2

            Take a careful look at your current SIM to be sure it's actually a micro SIM and does not have a nano-size punch out in the middle.

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            • magenta6755710

              Thanks for all of your help.  I know the account is tied to my sim card that's why I need another phone that the card I have now will fit.  All of my minutes are on the card I have now.  But, like  you have said, that card may not fit in any of the newer phones.  I did read about the 3 in 1 cards.  I'll have to check in to that further. I still have the book so maybe that will have the kind of card it uses.  To tell you the truth, this phone will totally disintegrate if I open it up.  It's been dropped so many times the glass is shattered to the point I'd better not put it up to my ear.  I have a decorative cover on it and if  I take it off, the whole phone will fall apart.  So, when I do this I'd better be ready to either buy another phone and lose all the paid minutes if I can't find a phone to fit this card or just start from scratch again.

              • tmo_mike_c

                You're right about the SIM card. It's a micro. I agree you should find a find you really want and we can have the SIM changed over to one that'll fit it if needed.