Consumer Global Plus ONE


    Hi TMO Experts


    Just wondering if there are any more specifics on the Global Plus data add-on available today.


    Global Plus helps take the guesswork out of calling and data rates. You can easily keep in touch while traveling overseas and remain productive-accessing email, online documents, messages, maps, videos and voicemail-while relying on the steady stream of data that you're accustomed to.

    You get the following while traveling in 210+ countries or destinations:


    • Unlimited high-speed data for your mobile device
    • Unlimited calling to and from your mobile device
    • Unlimited messaging to and from your mobile device
    • 5 GB of high-speed tethering.


    Speeds may vary by country. Visit to read important info about our roaming policy.


    What about while calling from the US, are outbound calls to these countries also included (Stateside International)?

    Also, what about tethering in the US, is it high speed and is there a limit?

    Are NameID and VoiceMail to Text included as in One Plus?



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