Inexplicable use of data -10 GB gone in a 2 day window




    My billing cycle started on November 5th.  Came November 6th and I received a text message at 5:51pm notifying me that I have used 8GB of my data.  An hour later, I got another text message saying that I have used all of my 10GB and that I will experience slow data speeds.





    I rarely ran out of data and last month right at the end of the cycle I ran out of data and got a text message with same notifications as the one above.  So beginning the new cycle on November 5, I was making sure that I was connected to a Wi-Fi signal.  In both at home and work I have access to a Wi-Fi signal.  It is worth to mention that I have two jobs, so I rarely get to use my cellphone until I get home.  So it is inexplicable for me how I "consumed" 10GB in less than a 48 hours window.


    I called customer service and they transferred me more than 5 times with no answer to my question.  I was transferred to Tech Support as well.  You can see proof of all these transfers below.  EVERY time I had to get verified and explained myself.... I spent 1 hour 20 minutes.  The last representative said pretty much that I have used all my data and nothing could be done.  She offered me 1GB for 7 days with a $10, I declined because I paid for my 10GB that I know I didn't use.  And if I get 1GB and there's somebody stealing my data (if that's even possible) or a glitch, it would get used up in a matter of minutes.


    I am beyond upset with t-mobile services and I am very close to transfer to another provider because what I experienced is not customer service.


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