Mobile data toggle on quick settings disappears every update


    My wife and I both have samsung Galaxy S9's. We both toggle our mobile data on and off to save battery...

    We have to hack the phones to get this shortcut added. Every update we get for the phones, I have to hack it back.

    Other friends on other carriers have the shortcut.

    Why does Tmombile remove this shortcut?

    Here are hacking instructions:

    Please Tmobile, stop removing this shortcut as it is buried in the OS.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey there! We greatly appreciate the feedback. I honestly do not know why it is removed with the updates but I will be sure to pass this feedback along to our Samsung device contacts.

        • ooqueso

          The latest T-Mobile update has not only taken away my mobile data toggle YET AGAIN, but now they've removed the option to restore it via ADB! This is infuriating! I am about ready to ditch T-Mobile over this. How stupid is it that they simply want to take away the convenience of an easy data toggle? I can still dig into the settings and turn it on or off (as of yet, until T-Mobile decides we can't do that, I guess), so why make it such a pain?


          This is a STUPID and UNNECESSARY move on T-Mobile's part and is just wrong! To make it so that I can't even restore the toggle with ADB is just unforgivable. I'm giving them two weeks to get me an answer or a fix. If I get "well, just deal with it" then I will do so by ditching T-Mobile, which is a shame, because otherwise the service and price are great, but such a foolish attempt to control how I use my own damn device is unacceptable.