Forced Android Update Burned My Data - and I had NO control over it!


    I'm finally angry enough to complain about this.


    So today at approximately 4pm and after I got off work, I noticed that my data had spiked for no apparent reason and that it was climbing.


    If T-Mobile looks at my account, it will become obvious that this data usage is far beyond the norm because I very aggressively rein in my data usage so I can earn my Kickback.


    Being that this spike was so unusual, I started digging around. Being that I already throttle my data usage in about every way possible short of rooting and going deep into developer options, the culprit was immediately obvious and I could only helplessly watch with anger in my eyes as my data usage skyrocketed.


    Google Play Services. Auto-updating over data like a rogue worm. Again. Even though every single update settings available to me is supposed to update over Wi-Fi only and NEVER auto-update.


    A few months back when we got a 500 meg security update, the same thing happened. And now, I have a 741 meg update sitting here on my phone all pleased as can be with itself and ready to be installed while I've blasted past my 2 gigs of data.


    Seriously, I'm just about ready to throw my phone out the window.


    This is ridiculous. Absolutely unacceptably ridiculous.


    I was never asked to approve the update. I never allow auto-update, period. I can name where all of my data and update settings are and I can promise you that they have been working otherwise.


    And still, I got the update barreling down my data as if none of that matters and of course, I lose my Kickback in the process even though 741 megs wasn't my fault whatsoever.


    So yeah. I am NOT cool with that.


    I'm NOT cool with losing my Kickback and now, trying to fight for it back. And most importantly, I am NOT cool with Android and/or T-Mobile ignoring my user settings.