Buyer's Remorse about three weeks later


    Called customer service today to see if I could cancel the purchase plan on my phone. Long story short, I was in a bind, tried to port over my sprint device and he told me he wasn't able to, so I had to buy an iPhone X. I now found out that it could have happened from Sprint, but the guy didn't try to do it? So today when I called in to tmobile service to find out how I could return the new phone, even willing to pay a restocking fee, I was told it would be $939 to return the phone. How does that even make sense? I'm going to pay in full and give you the device back? Then she explained the 14 day rule, which is not what I was led to believe. When I asked in the store how long I had to bring it back, the guy told me a month.


    I was about to switch my entire family (add three more lines of service) and purchase a couple of new devices in the next year. No longer. After the "customer service" I received today, I am done with this company. Here's hoping Sprint will take me back and pay off this ridiculous contract.



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