LG V20 on Oreo - cannot charge empty battery


    V20 updated to Oreo several days ago.  When phone turns off from empty battery, I cannot charge the battery in the phone.  When plugged into charger, the phone automatically turns on and then shuts down because of low battery.  Phone continues to cycle through restart and shut down.  Fortunately I have extra battery and external charger.


    Need this Fixed Soon.  Change software back to not turning on phone automatically when the phone is plugged into a charger will fix the issue. 



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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, magenta2547334!


        I'm sorry this is happening but it's good to know that you may have narrowed it down to the software update being the cause. By chance, are you using the original OEM charging cable and charging block? I'm glad you have extra charging accessories but we need to get this fixed so you don't have to rely on those.

          • magenta2547334


            I am using the LG Fast Charger, yes.  As for cable it occurs with the original cable or other cables.  The batteries I have are all LG batteries as well.

            It also occurred with two batteries, so that part is consistent.


            V20 originally was turning on when plugged into charger, then after several updates it stopped doing that.  Resumed turning on when plugged into charger after Oreo update.  If it did not automatically turn on it could recharge.



              • tmo_amanda

                Thanks for getting back to me, Wayne! The continual restarting after it attempts to charge definitely sounds like the problem. You mentioned that it normally didn't behave this way prior to the Oreo update, right? Or did this happen prior to Oreo? If it's doing this by design (I'm trying to find this info out), there is definitely room for feedback to be provided.


                Sometimes after a software update, the phone needs a good refresh and we'll usually recommend a master reset. Is this something that you've tried? If not, give it a go and make sure to back up all of your info prior to resetting.