VOLTE support on unlocked Motorola Moto g6?


    I have an unlocked Motorola Moto g6.  I can use it on wi-fi calling without problems.  I have read that this phone supports VOLTE, but there is nothing in the menu to turn it on.


    On my earlier Moto g5 phone, I could turn on VOLTE via Settings>Network & Internet>Mobile Network>Advanced  and then turning on Enhanced 4G LTE Mode.


    The unlocked Moto g6 phone I am using does not have that option.  When I open Settings>Network & Internet>Mobile Network there is no Advanced option available.


    If I open Settings and search for "LTE", the top result is "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode" and it indicates that it is in "mobile network settings", but when I tap on that search result, it opens Settings>Network & Internet>Mobile Network and as before there is no "Advanced" option, or Enhanced 4G LTE Mode.


    Is there a way to enable VOLTE on an unlocked Moto g6?  Is it possible that I need a new T-Mobile SIM to enable this?


    Here is a screenshot of the Mobile Network settings.



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      • tmo_mike_c

        That's pretty weird but we appreciate you posting the screenshot. In theory, the phone should be able to connect as long as it supports T-Mobile's network frequencies. As for the setting being MIA, that's a bit more tricky. Have you checked the software version to see if your phone is on the latest version?

        • moto6user

          This is a very important question and issue that should be addressed by T-mobile. This issue seems to be unnoticed by several G6 uers on T-mobile network.


          I have the EXACT SAME issue. I used to have G5 plus and it had option for 4G LTE. This G6 phone does not seem to have 4G LTE option to select.


          Also, there are only 2 two APNs (T-mobile US (fast.t-mobile.com) and T-Mobile US MMS) where as in G5 Plus I used to have 4 optionns (T-mobile IMS, T-Mobile US 260 LTE (fast.t-mobile.com), T-Mobile US DUN (pcweb.tmobile.com), and T-Mobile US 260 MMS).


          I hope T-mobile support will help to sort out this issue.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: VOLTE support on unlocked Motorola Moto g6?

              Since we don't actually carry this phone ourselves, it's hard to tell exactly what's causing this. Did some Google searching found other folks noticed the issue when they Project Fi installed. Can you see if that's installed and remove it if it is to see if that gives you the option?

                • moto6user

                  Re: VOLTE support on unlocked Motorola Moto g6?

                  Mike, thank you for your reply. NO, I do not have Project Fi Installed.

                    • tmo_mike_c

                      Re: VOLTE support on unlocked Motorola Moto g6?

                      Hmm, I'm a bit stumped on this one. I agree that it appears this phone should work on our network, but there's nothing about the SIM that'll cause this setting to not appear. It would be something within the software. It could be that the phone supports it, but doesn't allow you to make changes to the settings. Like our Note9. It too supports VoLTE but won't give you the option to make any changes to the setting including turning it off.

                        • mparks1273

                          I have Noticed when rummaging through the setting on my Moto X4 that is an unlocked phone (android one) and also Google Fi compatible that the options for enhanced LTE are no longer there since the software has updated to Android Pie 9.  I know it was there when it was running Android 8.1  I also checked that the phone was compatible with T-mobile and VOLTE before buying and supported all the most used LTE bands but the newest band 71.  I have not noticed any loss of call quality since the update to Android Pie came out December 17th on my device. I think for me the options are no longer configurable in the new software.

                  • magenta7406126

                    I have a moto g6 unlocked N America version.

                    I can confirm wifi calling works on tmobile.

                    Volte also works, this is set as the default.

                    There is no option to set unset it.

                    I checked with Motorola support.

                    They said they removed the option, since it was carrier dependent.

                    I did make a request to put it back in future releases, and he opened a ticket.

                    I'm running 8.0.

                    I haven't seen any problems, phone works without a hitch on tmobile.

                    The moto replaced my Nokia 635 windows phone.

                    I loved that phone, but Microsoft gave up on it.

                    Again no isuues, with the Moto G6 on tmobile.