VOLTE support on unlocked Motorola Moto g6?


    I have an unlocked Motorola Moto g6.  I can use it on wi-fi calling without problems.  I have read that this phone supports VOLTE, but there is nothing in the menu to turn it on.


    On my earlier Moto g5 phone, I could turn on VOLTE via Settings>Network & Internet>Mobile Network>Advanced  and then turning on Enhanced 4G LTE Mode.


    The unlocked Moto g6 phone I am using does not have that option.  When I open Settings>Network & Internet>Mobile Network there is no Advanced option available.


    If I open Settings and search for "LTE", the top result is "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode" and it indicates that it is in "mobile network settings", but when I tap on that search result, it opens Settings>Network & Internet>Mobile Network and as before there is no "Advanced" option, or Enhanced 4G LTE Mode.


    Is there a way to enable VOLTE on an unlocked Moto g6?  Is it possible that I need a new T-Mobile SIM to enable this?


    Here is a screenshot of the Mobile Network settings.



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