Returned Jump on Phone Went Missing?


    I did a Jump on Demand and returned my old phone at a retail store.  Checked the website as well as the mobile app and the lease for the particular phone shows “Completed”.  However, I’m still getting charged and messaged I haven’t returned the phone because T-Mobile’s system shows the phone has not been returned yet.


    Called customer care and they indicated that it can take 4-6 weeks for phone to be returned back to the warehouse, and then 7 business days after that to update the system.


    It’s been 6 weeks + 3 days so I guess it’s technically in the “window”.  However, seems funny that their website / app shows lease as completed but they still think I haven’t turned in the phone until the warehouse verifies it.


    Anyone else have experience with this?  Since I didn’t bother getting a receipt for the returned phone (didn’t think I had to) - worry this will become my word against theirs.

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      • wangobyte

        Re: Returned Jump on Phone Went Missing?

        So phone still hasn't showed up at warehouse and it's been almost 7 weeks.  I went back to the T-mobile store where I returned the phone originally and they indicated this has happened with other customers before where they (the store) ship off the phone to the warehouse and T-mobile says they haven't received it.


        Regardless, store rep was very nice and indicated he would do a search on their end for a record that they sent the phone to the warehouse.  Once he locates it, he would forward that to the powers that be and hopefully it will resolve it.


        Seems kind of odd that once the store receives a phone it doesn't take the customer off the hook.  Having the phone go missing or delayed between the retail store and the T-mobile warehouse should be something that is T-mobile's issue, no?

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Returned Jump on Phone Went Missing?

            Oh my goodness! You should not have to be dealing with this as you had returned the device in the store and the JOD lease should have been closed at that moment. We can't see your account here on a community forum but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, I would recommend that you use the links in my signature to message our T-Force folks. They will be able to access and securely verify your account and see what happened here.