iPhone 8 SIM Locked


    Hello there,

    My elder brother bought an iPhone 8 for me, bought in the US from Best Buy, which I unpacked yesterday and tried to activate it. After I tried to activate it, I came to know that it is SIM locked, and I must insert a US based carrier company SIM.

    As I am living in Afghanistan, today I went to a shop and shared my problem with them. So, when they checked it, they told me that my iPhone is locked with you (T-Mobile). So, I searched about ways to unlock my iPhone and found link to your website, where there was a link to unlock iPhone. After I created account on this site and tried to message you, but I was directed to "Something went wrong page" every time I clicked on "Message us on My T-Mobile" popup at the right bottom corner. And after trying it few times, now I am asked to login again on this link "https://my.t-mobile.com/contact-us.html".

    Here now the new issue is, I am putting my password correctly but every time it replies that my password is incorrect or I should try later as my account information might be new. So I tried to reset my password, but that also not working as it is asking me to on this "1-800-937-8997" number and not letting me send reset link to my email.

    Could you please help me with unlocking my iPhone or direct me ways through which I can achieve above tasks.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation. I mean it.

    Jamil Rehman

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