Buy One Get One


    I don't what to do and everytime I call customer service I get the run around and this is not right. I came over to T-Mobile from my previous carrier to save money. I went to there store on June 1st to take advantage of the Buy One Get One on the Galaxy S9's. Now initially I had bought the phones with the T-Mobile telesales department but when I called days later to check where the order was I was told it was a system error and it got stuck and never shipped . No one called me, but my money was pulled from my account for more than $900 ( because even though the other phone is free you still have to put the deposit down but you get it back). So they cancelled the stuck order and told me I could go in the store and pick it up same day and they would waive activation fee's. I activated a new line and upgraded the other to get the promo. When I tried to test out the new line it didn't work. I was told it would be active in a couple of days, the line was listed on the contract but was put in reserve for some reason. Long story short after at least dozens of calls to customer service they finally activated the line in 2 months later in August. I was told the adjustment would be made so that the added line's phone would be free. It is now November and the other was phone was never credited. T-Mobile is now saying they can't do anything for me because of the timeframe. They have record since June 1st of me calling to correct the issue. This entire situation is beyond me and once the lines are paid for I'm thinking of just going back to my previous carrier. It's not work saving money monthly to get taken advantage of on other things. I have never had an issue like this with my previous carrier.

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