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    Hello all,

    I "Permanently" Unlocked my phone before switching carriers. Somethings happened with the phone and I had to Factory Reset phone, and now it is locked. Please help, I cannot use my new provider with this phone and customer support just keeps emailing me to click on the "Permanently" Unlock button, but that doesn't work because even with the current, or old sim in place it will not reach the T-mobile servers to unlock, and my account no longer is active.


    There has to be something I can do. Does anyone know what can be done? Customer service has been zero help every time I've called (4).

    Ps. Phone is an LG V30.


    Thank you all.

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      • lmaocean

        Re: Phone relocked

        Hi there!


        I understand what you would like to do but it seems you're stuck! I can help you with that!


        Since the application to unlock a device doesn't work, and you don't have a current T-Mobile SIM, I suggest you directly contact customer care and request a unlock from them. Honestly, it's also quite more reassuring to know a human agent can help you with the unlocking process.


        Any questions? Reply back, or call 611 on T-Mobile devices, 1800TMOBILE on non-T-Mobile devices. Thanks!

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Phone relocked

          Hey, crimsonxfayth!


          It's always a bummer when this happens, but because we know it's a possibility, we have a work around. This does require a special process and for that reason I recommend working with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter to get this handled. Just send them a message and explain what's going on.

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          • cardiles

            Re: Phone relocked

            crimsonxfayth, im having this exact same issue, did you found any solution ?


            I live outside the US and that also happened to me after a factory reset..