Switched from post-paid to pre-paid, NOW phone won't connect at all???


    I spent 4 FOUR hours on the phone between post and pre-paid each transferring me back and forth between each other and then finally I got the pre-paid support to switch me to pre-paid. IMMEDIATELY I was cut off on the phone. My phone now shows that I'm not registered on the network, I cannot call 611 for support because well, I HAVE NO SERVICE.


    I followed the directions for resetting network connections and THAT DID NOTHING but get rid of my wifi password. Luckily I STILL HAVE WIFI connectivity.


    What exactly is the point of giving a customer the run-around for 4 hours and then cutting them off of the network completely?


    Nice service.    

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Wow that's really odd and I'm sorry this happened to you. Has you service been activated again? If not, you should reach out to our T-Force team using the FB or Twitter links on our Contact Us page. They have account access and can make sure everything is set up properly and escalate a Trouble Ticket if needed.

        • sanjsrik

          You are kidding right? I mean seriously kidding, right? So far SIX reps on the twitter account have proven to be UTTERLY USELESS. I DO have a ticket number. Well, that is progress at least in T-mobile's eyes. They keep reassigning person after person to the case and each one repeats the t-mobile BS line of "i'm here to help you, I want to be 100% transparent with you". Do nothing and then pass the torch to the next useless rep on twitter.


          My favorite interaction with one of these people so far where he asked if he could CALL ME? Sure, except T-Mobile SHUT OFF MY ACCOUNT.


          Something I was told was "simple" has now resulted in no service since 1AM November 7, 2018. My entire birthday on November 8, 2018 was without cell service which meant no being able to call or talk to family or friends.


          T-mobile is a bunch of liars who have done NOTHING to correct this issue.




          Almost a full 36 hours without service in about 20 minutes.


          Seriously? Why is t-mobile in the cellphone business if they can't figure out HOW to get people cellphone access?

          • sanjsrik

            However, they paid off my post-paid account, offered me $50 on the first month of pre-paid (if I ever get service back of course).


            I'm looking at switching to other carriers. I think a roomful of drunken monkeys would be better able to convert me from post-paid to pre-paid than T-Mobile has proven to be so far.    

            • sanjsrik

              I have noticed a pattern with reps though at T-mobile, the minute they say or write "I want to be 100% totally transparent..." whatever they write or say after that line is a complete lie. Just a bald faced lie.


              Must all be reading from the same script.

              • tmo_mike_c

                I'm really sorry it's taking up so much of your time without getting fixed. This is totally out of the norm. I know some folks that my be able to help. Can you reply to the private message I sent you? I'd like to take another shot at getting this resolved.

                  • sanjsrik

                    Just stop. Please GO AWAY. It took 36 hours. T-mobile support seems to like taking people out of the public eye and making us DM so that you can hide the issues. I spent 36 hours DMing useless individuals at T-Mobile. I'm buying a new device and switching to Project Fi.

                    Your security is really bad for pre-paid. Why do you not have a one-time PIN functionality like post-paid customers? Because pre-paid is not treated with any respect. The same security features should not matter how much you pay for service.