I am appalled at the customer service I have received in regard to trying to get my phones unlocked. Per the associate at the store I paid off my balance and then I requested to have my phone carrier unlocked. After 48 very long hours without cell phone service. I received a message stating that my phone could not be unlocked due to the fact I had an unpaid balance.


    I called in again, to pay off my balance. To my surprise there was no balance! Probably because I just paid it off the other day! So why on earth is my phone still locked. I called in a second time to put in another request to have my phone unlocked. I attempted to have the process expedited, they said that is not possible. They submitted the new request and it would process in 24 hours.


    24 hours later...

    Still no email for the unlock. Make another call into customer service, asking why. They told me to call Verizon, why? Then I asked why it is taking so long. The customer service rep acknowledged that they stated 24 hours and now told me 72 hours.




    My phones are being held hostage by T mobile. Why is it that we have robots performing surgery, but cannot press a button to unlock a phone. This cannot be a difficult task. Please unlock my phone. I have not had a functioning phone for over 72 hours. This is completely due to multiple  errors on T mobiles end.

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