Android Native Visual Voicemail Trouble


    I'm using a Pixel2XL on T-Mobile and the native Visual Voicemail (built into the Google Phone app) will not activate. The VM tab does show, and I have the option checked in the menu settings for the Phone app. I continue to get the messages "Visual Voicemail Activating" and "Can't activate Visual Voicemail". I have VVM on my plan via the ONE Plus add-on.


    I have removed the T-Mobile VVM app as I know that it will deactivate the native VVM. I have reset network settings, restarted the phone, and spoken with both T-Mobile and Google. I have yet to be given a reason this is not working.


    (Note: brought the phone over from Verizon but it's unlocked - all other data and voice functionality is good)

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      • magenta6616543

        Re: Android Native Visual Voicemail Trouble

        joshnk, I actually just upgraded from a Pixel 2 to a Pixel 3.  I also recently moved from Sprint to t-mobile (with my Pixel 2, Android 9 where the visual voicemail DID work).  However, when I upgraded to the Pixel 3 last week, same exact situation as you describe and I went through all the variants of clearing cache, phone app version uninstall/re-install.

          worked yesterday but not until I experimented with deleting my Gmail MS Exhange account I use for work.  My employer's security policy that is adapted when you link up the exchange account (whether Gmail, Nine, Bluemail, Outlook, etc) is such that is locks down certain "conveniences" of the phone which I live with to have my work email on my phone.  I thought it was successful because, merely seconds after deleting the exchange account, Visual Voicemail in the phone app sprang to life.


        I then lost it again for good when I tried to install another email client in attempt to try another exchange email connection...but after deleting that one, VVM on the phone was still unable to activate and I'm still unable to activate EVEN AFTER a factory reset and fresh start...perplexing.

        • unsungzer0

          Re: Android Native Visual Voicemail Trouble

          In advanced settings for the voice mail in the google phone app, what is listed under service and setup? If this isn't setup correctly it won't activate at all. It should be Service > Your Carrier then setup should be +18056377243.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Android Native Visual Voicemail Trouble

            I must say, you've got me stumped, too! I'm not a Pixel user nor do I know of a Pixel user that I could try to get some info from. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the native VVM functionality on a non T-Mobile device. Did you try using the T-Mobile VVM app? If so, how'd it work for you?

            • joshnk

              Re: Android Native Visual Voicemail Trouble

              I've done a factory reset so, at least in my case it's not related to a third party app or settings issue.


              What I've seen on other posts about the iPhone and it's built in voicemail is that it may be related to CAMEL settings and certain features included in the ONE Plus plan. I have since lost the post but a t-mobile employee mentioned that the CAMEL settings must be set to exclude voicemail to text  which is bundled with the ONE plus plan, which to my knowledge  is a requirement for participating in the "get out of the red" promo.


              Retail employees can't split bundled features out from the ONE Plus plan, so it requires a higher level of access on the part of t-mobile tech support... Supposedly, iPhones that were having issues were fixed in the same way. Also, I've seen reports of other pixel users having no such problems so it can safely be assumed that pixels DO indeed work  Also, referring to Google's own support page for the feature  the specifically mention t-mobile as being compatible with GOOGLE'S voicemail to text feature (not t-mobile's paid add on ), which is a subset feature of the native visual voicemail...indicating that Google vouches for support as well.

                • magenta6616543

                  Re: Android Native Visual Voicemail Trouble

                  I too can confirm no issues with the pixel 2. The issue is with my pixel 3.

                  Same plan, same os, same phone settings... Just different phone. I'm not

                  one plus, just one. Voice to text is an option but I don't pay for it.

                  Latest conversations with TMO indicate known issues and a trending sense

                  that the current process of activating 5g capabilities may be

                  conflicting... Who knows.

                • joshnk

                  Re: Android Native Visual Voicemail Trouble

                  Thanks for all the advice and help. Unfortunately this is the end of the road for me. Via support I was told that the engineers advice was to 1) delete the Verizon voicemail app and 2) they can't guarantee that features will work on every phone.


                  Google also said it was a carrier settings issue, which makes sense as their code hasn't changed.


                  Alas, this won't be resolved so back to big red it is. Good luck to all of you and thanks again for the help troubleshooting!