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    I am very disappointed in the service I just received at your store on McGrath Highway in Somerville MA.  My friend and I go to that store regularly for the T-Mobile Tuesday Giveaways.  Today she had an offer for a baseball cap but I did not have the offer.  The girl that worked there was completely unwilling to help and she refused to give me a cap after I waited in a long line for it.  I'm very disappointed.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: T-Mobile Tuesdays

        Hey aadam101


        I am so sorry that you did not have the offer for the hat This was a "list-based" offer in the Boston, MA market, meaning not all customers are presented with it. Please know that we will continue to offer free stuff in the Tuesdays app every week so there will be plenty of chances to score free loot!

        • aadam101

          Re: T-Mobile Tuesdays

          I live in Boston MA.  My address is in Boston MA.  The girl totally ignored me when I said this.  She looked extremely unhappy to be giving away free stuff (as she always does).  I dread having to see her every time there is a giveaway.  She is very unfriendly to people.