Stores hampered by infrastructure


    When I started up with T-Mobile a few months ago, I went to one of

    the stores to complete the process.  While I was there I found that

    the employees were using a tablet based point-of-sale system, and

    several ordinary desktop computers were still sitting around on the

    counters unused.  When it came time for me to have to enter some

    info on the tablet, I found the sales interface really klunky and

    hard to use -- and I've gotten accustomed to the virtual keyboards

    on tablets by now, and always dislike trying to type accurately

    or fast on them.


    I questioned the efficiency and user-friendliness of this, and the

    guy I was working with *lamented* that T-Mobile corporate was forcing

    them to move to the tablet-based system and was about to *take away*

    the old desktops forever.  He hated this, didn't like the tablets

    himself, and freely acknowledged that they were slowing his whole

    work process down quite a bit *and* annoying the customers.


    When it came time for me to try and "sign" something on the tablet,

    I *could not* get their app to actually draw lines right.  What I

    managed to scratch out looks nothing what I intended, and the

    bitmap resulting from that would do little to really authenticate

    a transaction.


    Why is corporate taking such a short-sighted path?  I was fortunate

    to be at a fairly non-busy store, but other locations often get

    backed up with customers waiting for someone and this just makes

    the whole process even more agonizingly slow.  The desktop based

    system was probably a lot more streamlined, not to mention providing

    a Real Keyboard that one could type a lot faster on.  Okay, so they

    couldn't carry the old system around the store ... but they don't

    seem to do that anyway, the tablet generally sits in a stand on the

    counter and only spins around occasionally for customer interaction.


    Could one of you "tmo_*" participants perhaps pass this up to the

    corporate ivory-tower and tell them it's a real problem?  Tnx...

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Stores hampered by infrastructure

        Hey hobbit


        We greatly appreciate the feedback! If there are issues with the point of sale systems the sales folks use, they are instructed to contact our help desk folks so it can be addressed. I will be sure to pass along your feedback though as we are always listening to our customers and want to provide the best experience.