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    "Do Not Buy T-Mobile's OnePlus 6T variant" Is now posted in almost all major android/developer forums. People bought the T-Mobile 6T trade in deal and found out its locked by T-Mobile so you cannot access the bootloader. Five mo. into having T-Mobile and the price per plan is right but the services is in my area. Now i find out that 3/3 phones that i've look into buy directly from T-Mobile have goofy locked software preventing adb or flashing of the phone via unlocked bootloaders.


    I know T-Mobile believes this will prevent people from leaving their network after buying the phone but to me and im sure many other power users who like to tinker with their phones, this actually DETERRED me from purchasing a T-Mobile phone, thus i am NOT locked into a contract thus i am SERIOUSLY considering checking out other network provides who DO NOT lock their phone's bootloaders or cripple the software like T-Mobile does. Consider this moving forward, as is it is my only major qualm with T-Mobile and is literally causing me to look into other service providers.


    I know this is not a place for comments but there is no place for comments on your contact us page so, here we are.

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      • gramps28

        I'm sure most people don't care if the bootloader and phone are locked , I for one can care less.

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        • loucap

          While what you're saying is true, if you buy the phone outright or pay it off, you can get T-Mobile to unlock it after a few days.  That's been documented on several forums.  And as far as carrier bloatware goes on phones, from what I've read, T-Mobile only has a few (like maybe three) apps preinstalled, and you can delete all of them except one.

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          • twowong4words

            Gramps28: Asinine response because i do care and so does the community of devs and power user and T-Mobile is loosing out on my money as well as the others in the community who do care.


            Loucap - Thanks for an actual response: Its a 40 day waiting period to unlock, some have been able to get T-Mobile to unlock it for them regardless of their EIP status or if they're past the 40 day period. Some who outright own the phone have been told flat out NO, to their unlock status. Some T-Mobile Reps claim if you buy it with EIP/trade in they don't ever have to unlock it. So there is seemly no consistency and I am unwilling to spend $600 when there is no clear answer if i will be able to unlock the bootloader and under what conditions.


            Additionally if you've been reading the forums, people are pretty sure Oneplus has locked the flashable paritions or requires signed files to be able to flash firmware, kernals, modemst, and ROMs later down the line ONLY on the T-Mobile variant. All resulting in no one in the dev. community wanting to create content for the T-Mobile variant.


            One of the major draws of OnePlus phones IS that they are not unlockable like Samsung phones and other companies. For godsakes they run a OS that started out as a custom ROM in the dev. community..... If i didn't care about unlocking it and rooting it, id of just settled for a note8/9 or something....


            I didn't buy a V30 from them either because they crippled the ADB shell ONLY on the T-Mobile variant.....Now there is NO roms/kernals or otherwise made for the T-Mobile variant.


            Bottom line is: I and many others in the community of power users/developers(who add value via content) are unwilling to purchase this phone from T-Mobile because of the aforementioned issues. This is not something that is debatable. T-Mobile is losing customers/handset sales because of this policy, full stop. This post was merely to inform them of this.

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              • gramps28

                To respond that someones response about not caring if the bootloader as asinine is actually asinine.


                As stated most people don't care, they want a phone that works on Tmobile correctly and they don't have a desire to root their phone.


                You won't see many people post about not caring because hmm they don't care and don't need  to post. Get off your high horse and just buy the unlocked model.

                    • gramps28

                      Go back to your dev and Android forums, no one cares.


                      It's also hysterical how you post a question then mark your answer correct. Lol

                        • rjfenton

                          Just signed in to say, I care.

                          I was fulling planning to go through with the trade in deal until someone looked into it and told me about this. Now after finding and reading this thread I will make sure to ask at the counter for the bootloader to be unlocked or I'm flat out not giving this company my money. Up until someone told me about this, I would have fully planned on buying this phone to use it with the purpose of unlocking the bootloader, rooting it, and maybe installing a custom rom at some point. I would not have known that this wasn't possible until after the fact and I would have been upset about it.


                          So it may not matter to you, and you may think your opinion is the only one that matters, but there are people who do care about this type of thing. Enough to take their money elsewhere if something like this isn't available. Also, I understand not everybody cares about this, but for those of us to whom this does matter a lot, it'd be nice to have this information more transparently available somewhere.




                          Update/Furthermore: I'm not exactly in dire need of a new phone. I planned to take advantage of this deal purely because it seemed so convenient. Now understanding that there may be more strings attached than I initially considered, this makes me wonder if I should even consider the option of buying a phone from this company at all.


                          I'm perfectly happy to take my money to other places that will be more than upfront with me about what exactly it is that I'm buying, even if that comes at an additional cost.

                            • magenta6717530

                              I also just signed in to say that I care too. Not so much about the locked bootloader but more so for the delayed updates. Had my blinders on and wanted a shiny new toy.  Didn't even cross my mind that T-mobile is still T-mobile with the delay in updates.  OnePlus has already pushed out two updates to the device and we haven't heard boo about anything.  Entirely my fault though for thinking anything had changed.

                        • kittykapow925

                          I just created an account to say that I care very much also.  You don't need to call someone asinine just because you're a t-mobile superfan who has nothing to do but post in their forums all day.  Thank you tw4w.

                            • gramps28

                              kittykapow925 wrote:


                              I just created an account to say that I care very much also. You don't need to call someone asinine just because you're a t-mobile superfan who has nothing to do but post in their forums all day. Thank you tw4w.

                              Let me get this straight. You're critizing me for posting in a Tmobile forum all day but you probably have accounts on xda and other dev fan boy sites. Hello pot this is kettle.


                              Please read the whole thread and you will noticed who hurled the first stone.. It was the dev fan boy who used the word asinine first because I could care less.

                                • twowong4words

                                  Gramps, I am sorry that I called your first post asinine, that was uncalled for and I apologize. Please understand that the issue at hand is something that some consumers do care about for various reasons and drawing attention to that was the only cause for my original post. It was intended for T-Mobile moderators/company to read.

                                    • gramps28

                                      Apology accepted.


                                      I pretty much did the same thing when I built my desk top with all the top of the line components and overlooking the processor to make it run faster. Luckily I worked part time for my friends computer store so I got a deal on the parts.


                                      Then one day I was using a mid tier computer and noticed there wasn't much difference to the naked eye with speed.


                                      I asked my friend why was that and he told me very few will notice the difference but the people who believe they have to have the best is what keeps him in business.


                                      Words to ponder. It's all about money.

                            • twowong4words

                              As of 11/5/2018 - 25,357 views 506 replies on the XDA thread with the aforementioned title..


                              Oh and...



                              "PSA: Don't buy the T-mobile OnePlus if you want to root"



                              "T-Mobile will reportedly sell the OnePlus 6T, which is great... for everyone but you"


                              Gadget sites are warning the public, slower updates,no root, no international sims, etc..


                              Whats potentially 10,000+ sales and services contracts matter to T-Mobile tho..

                              • darthspartan

                                I wish I had learned this before I ordered. THIS IS NOT AN UNCARRIER MOVE ITS A CARRIER MOVE.

                                The whole bloody point of waiting literally 3+ months and going with one+ over say the note 8 when it was on a great sale was to have root. The only thing I want is a stock android experience with Viper Audio installed. Now I guess I get no EQ till its paid off. Since stock android is seriously lacking in that regard. Definitely the last phone I EVER BUY FROM TMOBILE might even change carriers sooner rather than later IDK last few years its been going downhill with Tmo with the lack of phone selection.The last really good phone I got was the M8 bought the same price as the one+ today and it could be bootloader unlocked and rooted from day one regardless of if it was EIP. Speaking of that of the dozens of phones Ive with Tmo Only 2 stand out as good.... HTC Dream (G1) and the HTC M8. Ive had several LG/Samsung/Moto/Apple phones and they all ether died or where just bad and that makes up what about 90% of Tmo current offerings.

                                • magenta6718431

                                  Hey if I pay my phone off will they unlock my bootloader? And if so will I get updates just like the unlocked version?

                                  • drnewcomb2

                                    The problem is that the T-Mobile version is essentially a different phone from the unlocked version.


                                    • magenta6718846

                                      Is the ability to root the phone, and hassle of possibly needing to tinker with the phone settings to get it compatible with T-Mobile worth 50% the cost of the phone compared to buying directly from OnePlus?  That's a decision only you can answer.  However, working in the telecom industry, I assure you 90% of people don't even know what rooting a phone means.  The 10% that do, only half of them care.  The remaining 5%, well, its your choice.  I don't mind a half cost phone for a tiny inconvenience.  And yes, T-Mobile Customer support WILL unlock the phone.  Their policy is 40 days after EIP paid off.  There are exceptions, like for international travelers/etc, and some agents have the power to force unlock regardless of EIP status (EG Solution Center reps), but generally speaking, 40 days and paid off.

                                      • jcartor

                                        Good Morning to all,


                                        I myself as a avid android user, have only ever owned 1 device that I have not rooted. With that said I can defiantly appreciate personally that half the work be done for me. Now, putting aside my personal desire[as part of the minority, who understand what unlocking the boot loader actually means] and being completely non-biased. I have to agree that having a locked boot loader is the best option for the company's and its customers. To start, the fact that you want to side load is to be able to download and install or change the way the phone syst. works. including changes to security that are set to keep customers using phones as intended by there service providers and there respective terms. not only would you put at risk your own personal cyber security, as you would not receive the many security patches that are continuously pushed to your device. But you would also affect the companies economy which always trickles down to the customer. For. Ex. loading a 3rd party tethering app which allows you to bypass the carrier syst. to consume speeds not contemplated in your service, potentially effecting other people access to fair usage of data or removing preinstalled browses which have previously created there financial expectations and invested based on such, but will not reach that expected goal because the traffic flow through there service is no longer flowing. Not to mention the fact that the carrier always has the fault of the dumb decisions us customers make when they cant undo what we did and are un willing to replace the device. In short, not having the boot loader locked is a business risk.


                                        P.S. I do however feel that any device acquired directly through the manufacturer should be fully unlocked both SIM and boot loader. 

                                        • magenta6727757

                                          Be aware that T-Mobile provides a 30 day temporary unlock app on the phone. I "unlocked" mine and it wouldn't load 4 new updates that direct buyers get. I chatted with OnePlus and they confirmed that an unlocked T-Mobile 6T would never receive direct updates, but only after they are approved by T-Mobile. So the unlock only allows use overseas (with a single sim, no double drawer) and doesn't help delayed update.

                                          • magenta6728121

                                            just bought the 6T on mobile. i travel overseas a lot. I called Tmobile they unlocked over the phone no wait whatsoever. everyone relax. if its a problem buy it off the website....boom problem solved.

                                            • awadi88

                                              I have no complaints about a locked bootloader. I don't care to root my phone anymore. There's really no need to with all the new phones. I also can't complain with the fact that I got the phone for 50% off the retail. For a damn good phone that I got it for a third of the price of a name brand flagship phone. It's ridiculous to pay $700 to over 1k for a phone.

                                              • magenta161803398875

                                                Sure, its a trade off. Personally I'm just coming off of 5 years in the iOS world (iPhone 5, 6, 6s) and was considering the leap back to Android, because I miss the flexibility (and because I couldnt see spending even the xR price, let alone the xS Max price).

                                                I rooted every android i've had (eventually) and ran CyanogenMod once the device started giving me trouble with the stock software. Usually I didn't root it in the first year, and now with electronic payment etc, i'm not sure I even want to anymore. After 5 years on iOS, a regular android system will feel like a rooted device because of the level of customization available out of the box.
                                                T-Mobile offering $300 back for a phone that can be purchased for $100 new on Black Friday, is a great trade off for me personally. I have used T-Mobile in several countries in Asia and Europe, and never needed a second sim card. Everything just worked. Plus in a year when the Oneplus7 comes out with 5G bands and the 855 processor, there will probably be another trade-in offer. Even if there isn't. $12 a month for a flagship phone after trade in on a 3+ year old phone? Even if it is a little slower to get updates and has some minor inconveniences, it seems well worth it. If I want it unlocked, one payment of whatever balance is due will take care of the problem.

                                                • gentumagnet

                                                  People, relax.


                                                  Bootloader is unlockable once the carrier lock is lifted. If you've been a customer for longer than 18 months you should be able to nag them twice a year to unlock the phone... "technically" after it's been in network for 40 days


                                                  Please correct me if I'm wrong


                                                  P.S. Bootlocker unlocking is like insurance for me... if OnePlus goes belly up, the US blocks them, they break a feature I need or won't support something I need... I have backup, rooting. For me it's kinda like buying a car with towing capacity even if I don't currently plan to tow... it's nice to have the option should the need arise, and it severely lowers my valuation of the product if I can't do it.

                                                  • magenta1855671

                                                    FYI if you are worried about the bootloader, being unlocked, or missing dual sims. You are not the customer Tmobile or any phone company in the USA is after. 97% of Americans do not need these features. Its like buying a car with special features, you will have to spend more to get it. If you want a work and personal phone in one, your work should be buying it for you.


                                                    If you do need these features, these companies know you will spend extra money on your phone so they will get more out of you this way.

                                                    Also, we just got back from Europe, traveled everywhere on our Tmobile sim. Didn't even bother getting an international sim to throw in my unlocked Pixel. Had all the service we need.

                                                    • magenta6788572

                                                      I feel the same,

                                                      Creepy software updates..

                                                      Locking the bootloader..

                                                      • tmo_mike_c

                                                        I know this conversation started in one direction and shifted quite a bit. I just wanted to say that for Software updates the OnePlus we carry will get software updates in the same fashion our other devices get it. Of course, it's created by developers and tested prior to sending it out. We keep this and other devices's pages updated with current software info so folks can know about the latest. We'll answer questions about software if folks have them as well.