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    Traded in an iPhone 7 in perfect condition when I purchased an XR. Received a text message on Saturday which said "We found an issue with your Apple iPhone 7 and the quote has been adjusted to $0.00. Action is required by 11/16/18. For further details, go to" When I go to the link, it says "Your assessed value has changed, please view and accept the new value before we proceed." When I click the link to view the value, I get this message: "Thank you for your trade-in. Our systems are currently not available to retrieve your trade-in information. If you placed a trade-in recently, please allow up to 48 hours for our systems to be updated with your trade-in information. Please try again at a later time." It's been 96 hours and still no value. My daughter and son traded their iPhones and received identical messages today. All our phones were in excellent condition - what the heck is going on with this trade-in promotion???

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Apple Trade In Trade Up Program

        A lot of folks have been seeing the same lower trade-in value for their devices but as long as the IMEI entered at the time of the trade-in matches that of the device that is received at the warehouse, your credits will apply appropriately.  If you have any concerns about your eligibility, you should reach out to care and request that they check on your promotion status.  You can also check this by logging in to your account>PLAN (tab at the top)>Scroll all the way to the bottom and click VIEW YOUR CURRENT PROMOTIONS.  Select the line in question, and you should see your promotion there.

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          • magenta6722092

            Re: Apple Trade In Trade Up Program

            Just finished a discussion with a rep who told me the Find my iPhone feature was still enabled. I told him I turned off that feature and erased my phone before shipping it. He said there's one more step - I had to log onto the Apple icloud and remove the phone from my account. Here's the instructions they sent me:

            "How to disable FMiP Activation Lock

            You should always turn off Find My iPhone and erase your device before selling them or giving them away to ensure the new owner can activate and use the device normally. You should also confirm that Activation Lock is disabled by signing a device when purchasing second-hand devices.


            1. In a web browser, visit and log in with your Apple ID.
            2. Click All Devices, then click the device you wish to disable Find My iPhone on.
            3. Click Erase iPhone or Erase iPad.
              Note: For Apple Watch, click the (X) next to your device.
            4. When the device has been erased, click Remove from Account
              • This procedure is also for devices that will not power on or cannot access the internet.


            You can also learn more about this feature, and find additional steps to disable FMiP using another iOS device on Apple's Find My iPhone: Remove your device page."


            Wish they added this step in their original instructions.

              • tmo_amanda

                Re: Apple Trade In Trade Up Program

                Hey, magenta6722092!


                That's incredibly helpful feedback that I will gladly pass along. Knowing that info could've saved you a decent amount of time and probably avoided a bit of stress when initially reading that your trade-in value has changed. It sounds like you were able to get everything taken care of with your TEX team over the phone. Thanks a million for following up and again I will be passing along that feedback to make sure others don't run into the same issue.