LineLink not working.  Needs rebooted every few days.


    Having some issues since getting the LL device last year.  LineLink device will be on for a few days, and then when I go to use it I get a dial tone, dial the number, and then I get a short busy signal (errors).  The only way this resolves itself is by rebooting the device.  And now on my third LL device (second SIM card).  Nothing seems to fix this issue.  Also checked with my ISP regarding blocked ports.  All ports have been verified by the ISP as not being blocked.  Odd that these issues started when I was required to switch out my 10 year old @home router (used only for VoIP, not network routing) with the LL device.  Same ISP before that, same modem &router (OnHub).  This device is obviously inferior quality and definitely has more issues than a device 12 years old it was required to replace.

    Also calling T-mo on each time this device has an issue is wearing.  As it seems hold times are ever increasing when trying to get an issue like this resolved.  The "solution" of changing out the hardware does not seem to be working for most people.  Or maybe they were not @home customers before LL and the sub-par quality and reliability is just what they are used to.  Either way, its pushing this 13 year loyal customer to look at other options.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        I have a <$5 solution.  Buy a timer.


        Your post says it works fine for a few days, and a reboot solves it.  An answer would be to reboot it regularly.  It's a pain to remember to do this every so often before it fails, but a timer would reboot it daily.  Set the timer to be off some time in the middle of your sleep.  One tick on the timer would be enough (depending on the model, that's anywhere from 5-10 minutes, usually).  Every day at this tick, your LL will go down.  When the tick is over, it will come back up.

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        • gramps28

          Rebooting once a month sounds about right. I had to do the same but I recently moved and ported the linelink

          number to a prepaid line that I don't pay for saving $10 a month on my Tmobile bill.


          The Linenlink service to me is inferior to the @home service which in hindsight I should of kept since I had 2 extra routers

          that I paid $15 for as back ups.

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